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Saransh Goila’s Instagram Account Will Make You Feel Bad About Yours

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There are enough role models out there for us to take inspiration from and one of them is Saransh Goila. The man who got famous because of butter chicken (see Maa, I told you food is bae!) and trust me, you HAVE to taste the Goila Butter Chicken at least once to know that this guy can weave magic. But, you can get a glimpse of how awesome the guy is through his Insta feed, too. I mean he is giving us food, travel, philosophy, kickass social media goals, all at once. For someone to be as young as him and create such a sensation is admirable. And it helps that he looks like the cute, boy-next-door who writes poetry. (Uff!)

A little birdie told us (his FB status) that he was on a road trip to Thailand, shooting for his upcoming cookery show and his Instagram account is full of pictures from the journey. From his cooking and food posts, to images of historical monuments, videos, inspirational quotes, his wide teeth-showing selfies and hats flying in the air (for real!). Plus, a few posts here and there of Sanjeev Kapoor. While we wait for this #SadakChef’s show to launch, which is for sure going to be awesomesauce, check out these posts that will make you cry just a little.


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So Chef @sanjeevkapoor is being honoured with Padma Shri in 2017!!! Grandma, mom and me can all celebrate this together soon because we all have learnt and continue to learn from him 🙂 How can I forget me running from the bus stop when I was 12 to reach home at around 2:15 to catch half a episode of Khana Khazana and I would find mom, dadi, dadaji all in one room watching it!!! (Quite the food family, yes) my first ever recipe from खाना ख़ज़ाना was आ *Jalebi*! Apart from the fact that he has taught millions to cook across the globe and made cooking look extremely simple – he really did change the fate of the word *Chef* in our country. On a personal front I am a chef because of him and of course he made me and gave me the opportunity to live my dream. Thank you chef for being my idol, mentor and friend. So proud to just say that I've cooked and shared meals with you. Sending you love and a big hug! I'm on the road but today wherever I eat – aaj खाने में नमक स्वाद अनुसार डलेगा! #NamakSwadAnusar *congrats to the family as well @alyonakapoor

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Achievement unlocked. Dzukou Valley Trek (2500m) in 4.5 hrs! Read this poem in the valley – Wrote it 5 years back. Still apt. . *Life is a merry go round* What you want you might not get Isn't that what god had said? You were sent to make this world better, not dead Where your destiny lies you'll be led. Every time you flap your wings it made sense, Yes it's not all divine and serene it gets intense, Does that give you a reason to be so dense? Inside you lies the treason, to feel or not again, to cleanse. We love those things endlessly we imagine we can't live without, So every time our beliefs are challenged we give him a shout, He'll show you there's always a reason even for this clout, Or are you so greedy that you still wish to stick to your doubt? Aren't we just here to make someone smile , Or are we going to bundle everything in a pile? Some come and go some stay for a while, Do you have the strength after all these years; to still be juvenile? That moment when a pebble dropped was never found, Didn't he tell you? Life is a Merry go round. You wish your were a stone ever so bound, But remember? Love is never lost. You just have to look around. Still don't believe it? Go to the jungle and pee, Travel the world for a dessert; do have a bite for me! Go wild on your life; let everyone with meek eyes see, That you still have it in you. You're the crazy you. You'll always be. Yes you might not get what you want, But nobody said you won't get what you deserve, So always keep a smile – in reserve. 🙂

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