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#AskHauterfly: What Is A Quenelle?

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If you had to divide every food-loving soul’s life into 2 parts, it would be fairly easy — pre- and post-Masterchef. And almost instantly, our food vocabulary increased manifold. One of the words that caught my attention was Quenelle. Firstly, it was a little hard to pronounce and secondly, it was obviously something that I was not exposed to previously. And if you also have no idea what it is but have only seen it in fine-dining restaurants, then please keep reading.

Quenelle was originally a dollop of mince, or more like a dumpling, and like every other fancy food term, this one also originates from France. People would sprinkle some spice on, add some flavour, and make a wonderful dish. As and when everyone evolved, the word started getting associated with the shape and not the dish. In fact, desserts use quenelle more than savoury. It is a rugby shaped, oval way of placing something small, like ice-cream, chutney, or meat, on a plate to enhance presentation. Sure, you can keep it in a normal way, but this way just makes it more presentable. Take 2 spoons and shape it well, smoothening it out till you get the required shape, and then place it on the plate. Check out the video to know how to do it perfectly!



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