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PoutineWalla Is Here To Dish Out Fries With A Twist!

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Before I begin, I must mention that I can literally survive on fries. I’m the kind of girl who lives by the phrase “Fries before guys!” And trust me, I will know if even one little piece of golden perfection disappears from my plate. I’m sure that there are dozens like me who love fries just as much as I do. While it was good old McDonald’s that fired up this rage in India, several other concepts started off from there, including the concept of poutine. We Indians do have a tendency to add a desi spin to food, don’t we?

Well, this is exactly what happened with poutine. For those of you who’ve never heard of the term, we’re here to fill you in. Poutine is basically a Canadian dish, including fries, cheese curds and gravy. Trust me, it tastes just as yummy as it sounds! If this already sounds like a dream, you’d probably like to taste some delicious poutine yourself. Well, guess what? We have just the place for you. The ones who gave you The Bombay Food Truck are here to present poutine with a twist. Meet Ashish Sajnani’s pop-up, Poutinewalla. This pop-up concept has already been serving crowds at HR college during their annual festival. They received a fantastic response, which means that all you fry lovers (including me) need to find these guys STAT.



Pav Bhaji Poutine



Butter Chicken Poutine

Poutinewalla offers up some quirky combinations. This includes the Bhaji Poutine, which is stuffed with wholesome veggies and not-so-wholesome (but delicious) cheese, Butter Chicken Poutine which, true to its name, is drizzled with gravy, fresh chicken and lots of cheese and, finally, the classic Mushroom and Cheese Poutine, which I’d personally love to try. The fries are always served fresh, crisp and hot, and are cooked to golden perfection! If that has succeeded in whetting your appetite, you know what to do. Just follow them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter to stay updated as to where they’ll be popping up next.

Meanwhile, if there’s a particular topping you’d like to have on your dishes of poutine, you can write to them on their social media pages. Or, if you’re throwing a big party and need some yummy comfort food to do the rounds, contact them and they’ll be there! Excuse me while I stalk their pages and drive myself crazy with anticipation!


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