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The Best, Meatiest, Juiciest, Yummiest Burgers In Gurgaon

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Cheesy, meaty, saucy, and fully loaded, these are our go-to places when we’re craving a big fat burger. Fries on the side, please.

Blue Cheese Lamb Burger At Dudleys

Delivering burgers till 4am, Dudley’s has quite a selection, but the Blue Cheese Lamb burger has our hearts. Rocket leaves, shallots, home-made ranch dressing, Roquefort blue cheese, and minced lamb – yum, yum, yum.


Dizzy Duck At Bun Intended

The Craft Your Own Burger from Bun Intended comes in at a close second, because what’s better than lots and lots of meaty options? Well, the Dizzy Duck. With the fixings of a fine gourmet burger – cranberry glazed pulled duck, BACON, cheese, and gherkins – this one left us feeling very full and very satisfied.


Holy Cow At The Joint Cafe

Buff, finally! This Fat Boy Burger At The Joint Cafe is fully-loaded with Spanish streaky bacon, Monterrey Jack cheese, Traditional Dutch Sambal Gouda, French Brie, ham, relish, AND a Fried Egg. Save this one for a day when you’re not calorie-counting – this is your daily requirement and some more.


Original 10 Oz. Legendary Burger At Hard Rock Cafe

Perfectly buttered and toasted buns that envelope a medium well-done patty isn’t enough to be a legendary burger. However, throw on bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, lettuce, and tomato and you have yourself a legend.


Pork Ramen Burger At Bamboo Boat

Scoring more points for novelty, Bamboo Boat‘s Ramen burgers come in 3 variants and, not surprisingly, The Pork Ramen Burger is our favourite. Vegetarian burger lovers, if we could be persuaded to try their Eggplant and Paneer Ramen burger, with miso glaze, we think you might just enjoy it as well.


The Joey At Cafe Kangaroos

Inclusivity is a big plus here because most of their burgers are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We love The Joey, though. It’s got some mouth-watering toppings like nacho cheese, jalapenos, and Thousand Island sauce. Just like Joey, we don’t share our food – especially not when it’s a big, juicy pork burger.


Cooper’s Grill & Bar

Of course we’ve come to expect good things from Cooper’s burgers, but can we just say that The Cooper Whooper has never disappointed us? Served between brioche buns, this monstrous burger has a one-pounder patty, caramelised onions, lettuce, brown mustard, and pickle. It also has lots of fans in Gurgaon.


Holy Veg At Mediumwelldone

Yes, finally – a pure vegetarian burger makes it to this list. Mediumwelldone’s burgers are, in fact, cooked to perfection and, while we love their mammoth MWD burger, we have to give the distinction of being extra yummy to the Holy Veg. A grilled jumbo vegetable steak, onions, and tomatoes with some smoked Scarmoza – so simple, so perfect.

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