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Zorawar Kalra’s Masterpiece Has Arrived In Delhi!

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One of the most popular fine dining restaurants in Mumbai has finally arrived in Delhi. Yes, we’re talking about Zorawar Kalra’s Masala Library. Following the success of Farzi Café in Delhi comes Masala Library. The restaurant officially opened to the public on July 18. Located on Delhi’s bustling Janpath Road, this outpost promises to be just as exciting as the one in Mumbai.

Primarily serving up post-modern Indian food, chef Saurabh Udinia is serving up a storm. Having travelled across several countries to observe the different ways in which people prepare home-cooked meals, he now serves up the same meals in his restaurant, albeit with a twist. By this I mean dal chawal dumplings with a tiny rolled papad placed on top, the famous caviar jalebi, and palate cleansers like the ras malai shot.



These are the signature dishes available in the Mumbai branch. At the Delhi branch, you can expect to gorge on Mizo Chicken Stew with Manipuri Black Rice, Curry Leaf Prawns, and Chevre Kebab with Pepper Ketchup. The menu sounds like quite an eclectic mix and something that will surely have you coming back for more.




The best bit about this restaurant is its flourish of molecular gastronomy, that they try to incorporate in their dishes. You will also like the personal touch that arrives in the form of pan- flavoured candy-floss, served complimentary after your meal. It leaves behind a fresh and delightful taste. What’s more, eating here will not leave you feeling like you’ve eaten a year’s worth of food! This is because the whole concept here is to create food that is both light and airy, but completely Indian at heart.

Masala Library Delhi will only be open for dinner for the next couple of weeks, so book your tables ASAP!

Location: Masala Library, 21-A, Janpath Road, Delhi
Price For Two: Rs 5,000 (approx.)


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