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Eat While You Charge, With KFC’s New ‘Watt A Box’!

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Have you ever been part of a really important group chat with your BFFs while you’re out and about, only to have your battery run out at the most inopportune moment? Who am I kidding? We all have! Most of us are even habituated to using our cell phones even while we eat. Whether it is to check our news feeds or to simply chat with our friends, we NEED our phones. This is exactly why it’s so infuriating when your phone gives up on you. While you do have the option to carry a portable charger with you, the next time you’re at KFC you don’t need to fish it out.

The fast-food giant has just launched a gimmicky (but darn useful!) box called Watt A Box, which includes a complete five-in-one meal as well as a built-in power bank and USB that allows you to charge your phone while you feast on your favourite chicken meal. What’s more, this service is available only in India.


KFC Watt A Box_Hauterfly


However, here comes the catch. This limited edition Watt A Box box will not be available to everyone. The company says it will gift these special boxes to a few lucky customers in select outlets in Mumbai and Delhi. No word on what qualifies you as a lucky customer, though. Else, you could participate in their online contest, where you tag a friend whose phone is always out of juice and help them win the box. Either way, it’s a fun way to get more young people into your outlets and buying more meals, no? Good on you, KFC!


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