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7 Unusual Dishes To Try In Mumbai

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When you are a foodie, all you think about is, no surprises here, food. You have food-themed phone covers, laptop sleeves, pillow covers, bags, and the list goes on. And when your life revolves around it, you tend to always be on the lookout for a new dish to taste. And Mumbai is one city where there is no dearth of mouthwatering food. The one thing I love here is the street food! Come on, nothing can beat vada pav, can it?

But since the rain Gods have started to show their presence in our lives once again, street food needs to be kept aside for a while. That doesn’t mean you cannot venture out to hog on some scrumptious meals. While you are at it, try something unusual, something different, something that is beyond the regular. There are some dishes that please you visually, have an element of theatre, while some have an exotic fragrance that you cannot get enough of, and still others sizzle and sputter delightfully when they are served. Eating is a experience — after all, food treats all your five senses at once.

Here is a specially curated list of dishes across Mumbai restaurants that play with flavours and make sure that every bite throws up a hint of surprise. Ranging from pizzas to ice-cream, let’s think (and eat) out of the box.

chicken shawarma pizza Falafel_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Falafel

1. Shawarma Pizza, Falafel’s

Falafel’s is a fast-food chain that serves delicious Lebanese food across the city. They have added a twist to their menu by combining the flavours of the Middle East with that of Italy. Basically two sinful dishes — shawarma and pizza in one. They have both veg and non-veg options, so no one has to miss out on this goodness. A thin-crust pizza topped with shawarma filling, loaded with cheese. Love!

Price: Rs 240

Contact: 022 23868000



Courtesy: Masala Library

2. Dal Chawal Arancini, Masala Library/Farzi Cafe

Jiggs Kalra is the master of converting a simple dish into something magical. He introduced us molecular gastronomy and took our taste buds on a joyful ride. Whether it’s Masala Library or the Farzi Cafe, they have dishes made and served in the most innovative style. Little telephone booths, trunks, and trucks are used to serve the food that take the eating experience up a few notches. I was impressed by the Dal Chawal Arancini, which is our standard pulses and rice turned into little balls topped with tomato salsa. Indian and Italian flavours truly complement each other beautifully. Visually pleasing, the rolled up papad gets bonus points.

Price: Rs 525 + taxes

Contact: 022 66424142


ice-cream-pakoda Cafe noorani_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Zomato

3. Fried Ice-Cream, Cafe Noorani

Located near Haji Ali, this cafe is an institution in itself. It serves some delicious biryani and tikkas. Apart from that, the one thing it is extremely famous for is its Fried ice cream or, as they call it, ice-cream pakoda. You bite into it thinking its savoury but end up with the sweet joy of eating a dessert!

Price: Rs 120

Contact: 022 23534753



Courtesy: Hitchki

4. Chocolate Roti Porridge, Hitchki

This recently opened restaurant has already become the talk of the town. As bizarre as it sounds, this dish is actually one of the tastiest breakfast items they have on their menu. Its is porridge topped with a lot of chocolate and pistachios with bits of our traditional rotis thrown in. You have to try it to believe how yum it is! While you’re at it, try the lettuce kadhai soup and chocolate covered kala jamuns too!

Price: Rs 260

Contact: 022 33126080


Champagne chicken risotto salt water cafe_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Salt Water Cafe

5. Champagne Chicken Risotto, Salt Water Cafe

Not only does this cafe look gorgeous, but the food is delish. When my eyes caught this dish, I knew it had to be on this list. Risotto induced with champagne? Yes please! The cherry tomatoes and plums, and the soft, succulent chunks of chicken enhance the flavours, making this one irresistible dish.

Price: Rs 450

Contact: 022 30151725


Thepla tacos The Bombay canteen_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Zomato

6. Thepla Tacos, The Bombay Canteen

One restaurant that keeps adding twists to desi dishes is The Bombay Canteen. They make even the most regular Indian food sound so interesting that you can’t help but order seconds. The thepla tacos are thin theplas topped with either the vegetarian or chicken filling, which you can have dip into their yummy curd chutney. This sounds like a dish invented by an Indian mom on her trip to Mexico when she couldn’t find anything homely to eat! Make sure you try it soon because they rotate their menu every week.

Price: Veg – 225 + taxes; Chicken – 275 + taxes

Contact: 022 49666666


Gulati Kebabs Made In Punjab_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Made In Punjab

7. Gulati Kebab, Made In Punjab

Like father, like son, Zorawar Kalra’s Made In Punjab is as kickass as his father’s restaurants. Bringing you the authentic flavours of Punjab with, of course, twists, this spot has found its way to the list of top eateries in no time. The gulati kebabs are to die for! They sit on a plate of fried buttered naan topped with a little dollop of pickled cucumber — heaven in your mouth!

Price: Rs 425 + taxes

Contact: 022 66711187


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