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5 Healthy Foods That Are Actually Bad For You

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Ever been really hungry on the go and decided to go with a strawberry yoghurt instead of a packet of biscuits or chips, just because it’s the healthy choice? Well, let me break it to you. A lot of “healthy” snack options can be pretty deceiving, especially if you don’t look at the label carefully. Just because they claim to be “low-cal”, “diet” or “healthy”, doesn’t mean they actually are! So, here are 5 supposedly healthy foods that are bad for you.

1. Flavoured Yogurts

Yoghurt has several beneficial properties like probiotics, calcium, Vitamin B, and even protein. Once the yoghurt is flavoured, a lot of not-so-healthy ingredients like sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavour and colour as well as other unhealthy additives are added to it. So be careful when you pick up a serving of flavoured yoghurt for breakfast next time. You’d be better off adding fresh fruit to a cup of plain yoghurt. It’s tasty and healthy too.

2. Energy Bars

When you hear the “energy” part of energy bar, it can be a bit deceiving. But the truth is they aren’t really good for you. Energy bars usually contain more sugar and calories than a regular candy bar, so you might just do better with a bar of Snickers instead… seriously! Next time you pick out an energy bar, make sure to look for ones that are low in calories (less than 200 calories) and have less than 8 grams of sugar in them.

3. Flavoured / Glazed nuts

Snacking on nuts is great, but the cheesy, spicy or glazed ones are really unhealthy. All the salt and sugar added to give these nuts their great flavour will do you more harm than good.

4. Smoothies

Store-bought grab-and-go smoothies look divine, and the “healthy” catch is hard to resist. Well, the truth is there’s nothing healthy about these drinks. From sugar to added flavours, and fruit syrups, smoothies can completely wreck your weight loss plan, one sip at a time!

5. Flavoured water

Drinking water is extremely essential for keeping your body hydrated throughout the day. Any flavoured or “vitamin” water, however, usually contains over 50 calories, while regular water has zero! So just stick to unflavoured water in order to make healthy choices.


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