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Your Inner Health Freak Will Love These Guilt-Free Delhi Desserts

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Want to stick to that diet but can’t control yourself from grabbing for that big tub of chocolate ice-cream? We feel you.

Thankfully for all of us, a whole new league of bakers have realised that gym rats and chia-seed-loving dieters need TLC too. So they’re whipping up sweet stuff that’s not going to throw your diet flying out of the window. Between flourless cookies and protein-rich cakes, here’s an alternative universe comprising (relatively) guilt-free desserts that will not weigh heavy on the conscience.


Healthy Desserts In Delhi_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Smitten Bakery

1. Smitten Bakery & Patisserie

Free of unnecessary sugary frills, we love Mandakini’s focus on subtle flavours. While we’re naturally inclined towards the Salted Caramel Cupcakes and the Boozy Chocolate cake, we love that she’s open to replicating them in gluten-free or eggless avatars. Also, the fruits and herbs in the desserts come from an organic farm. Yum.

What To Order: Gluten-free Vanilla & Lemon Cake


2. Latitude 28

This cosy little cafe by chef Ritu Dalmia, with its urban Indian ambience, relaxed seating, and most importantly, a menu full of fresh, healthy food, is kinda perfect for some alone time. Their dessert menu (also healthy, of course) changes everyday, so a sweet surprise may just be what you need to end that date.

What To Order: Coconut Chia Pudding


Healthy Desserts In Delhi_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Maanya Sachdeva/LBB

3. Bings Cafe

A bowlful of ice, Bingsu is a great dessert for the calorie-conscious. What is Bingsu? It is a Korean dessert comprising shaved ice (somewhat like chuski, except the ice is pillowy soft) and a bunch of ingredients, like condensed milk, cereal flakes, and fresh fruits. So if you’re taking a stroll in Select Citywalk, stop by at Bings Cafe and share a bowl of Bingsu. It’ll be romantically sweet, without the side effects.

What To Order: Gosomi Bing


Healthy Desserts In Delhi_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Georgia Dakota

4. Georgia Dakota

Her dedication to ‘wholesome’ restores our faith in humanity. On days we do yoga, we order the granola bars (Apple Cinnamon sugar-free) to feel holy, but if not, the mixed box of muffins usually does just as well.

What To Order: Chocolate Zucchini Loaf


Healthy Desserts In Delhi_Hauterfly

Courtesy: V’s Bakeshop

5. V’s Bake Shop

This is healthy dessert heaven. You’ll be glad that no matter what you order here, it’ll be a wise decision. All the cakes, cookies and co. are gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free. They even have a section on protein-rich and Paleo options. Hardcore, right? We love it.

What To Order: Raw Cacao Banana Cake

Healthy Desserts In Delhi_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Red Mango India

6. Red Mango

You can’t not have fro-yo on a list of healthy desserts. If you’re feeling like having a scoop of ice-cream, seek out Red Mango instead, who make the yummiest probiotic and gluten-free frozen yoghurt in flavours like chocolate and Madagascar vanilla.

If you’re going in the morning, pick the parfait and add some organic granola and fresh fruits to it.

What To Order: Madagascar Vanilla Yoghurt with fresh fruits, sliced almonds, and organic granola


Courtesy: Green R

7. GreenR

Love all things organic and artisanal? Then you’ll love GreenR Cafe, a little slice of paradise in an otherwise rustic Shahpur Jat. No matter what your food allergy or choice of diet, they have plenty of options for you.

Their dessert section comprises vegan cheesecake made from coconut milk instead of dairy, yummy gelatos, key lime pies, and more.

What To Order: Chocolate Ganache with Wildberry Coulis


Healthy Desserts In Delhi_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Minus 30

8. Minus 30

Guess what? Ice-cream can be healthy too. A delivery-only parlour for gourmet ice-cream, Minus 30 makes ice-creams that are yummy, innovative in terms of flavour, and completely free of preservatives. Have a request for sugar or lactose free ice-cream? They’ll happily make that for you.

We say skip the outside world and have a date night at home; put on your PJ’s, watch a movie while cosying up under the blanket, and share a tub of guilt-free ice-cream.

What To Order: Strawberry Ice-cream

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