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10 Of The Hottest Male Chefs From Around The World

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There is something about men who can cook, right? It’s like their hotness radar just goes from zero to a 100 in seconds.

I don’t know about you, but men in the kitchen, chopping vegetables, working up a sweat, makes them look oh-so-sexy! And though finding one in reality is a little difficult, there are men around the world, complete in their chef whites, who can make any girl swoon.

Don’t believe me? Scroll down to take a look at 10 of the most good looking chefs from around the world and get ready to want to have them for a meal. Too cheap? Naah.



1. Vikas Khanna

Of course, we will start with our homegrown beauty. Making it big in the Big Apple, Vikas is probably the only chef that each and every Indian knows about, courtesy his gig as the judge of Masterchef India.

A Michelin star chef, author, filmmaker, and someone with gorgeous dimples, he is many a woman’s dream man.


2. Jamie Oliver

That accent and that he’s the perfect family man. That’s it.


3. Curtis Stone

Every time his face showed up on Masterchef Austrailia, my heart did a little somersault. Known in the culinary industry as ‘The Quiet Terminator’, he is the shy boy next door who can whip up a storm. Literally.


4. Paul Hollywood

A baker who has taken over the television space and made his mark like nobody else has, he is the guy that every other pastry chef looks up to.

Who can tell he’s over 50 years old?!


5. Gabriele Corcos

He is Italian and he’s a chef. Enough said?


6. Chuck Hughes

Chuck is a Canadian chef and has his own TV show called Chuck’s Day Off. And that, my dear friends, is one show you should binge watch. It’s a treat for your eyes. Also, he is 40 years old. YUP.


7. Eric Lanlard

Born in France, Eric Lanlard moved to London to set up a renowned cake shop. Today, he is known as the ‘Cake Boy’ of the business. Hello, is there anything more to say? French, British accent, and bakes cake.


8. Michael Chernow

This American chef has the cutest son ever! Seriously, please go to his Instagram account right now and drool all over it.


9. Sam Talbot

Can’t decide what would be better — Sam’s eyes, Sam’s smile, or Sam’s food…


10. Franco Noriega

Saving the best for the last and how! Franco, who is from Peru, cooks SHIRTLESS. Yes, I’m not kidding.


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