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8 Fusion Food Dishes In India That Will Make You Go WTF!

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The concept of fusion food has been around for a while, and almost all of us have tasted something unique or bizarre (depends on your perspective, really) at some point in our lives. You’ve eaten Hakka Noodles, right? Yep, that’s fusion right there. Sure, it can be dicey, as some of these creations are phenomenal, while others are simply disastrous. And India is home to so many of these great inventions. We desis can’t do without our spices and local flavours, which is why even McDonalds couldn’t help but introduce a Masala Dosa Burger. Yes, we are still not over it. It is a story we’ll be telling our grandkids, for sure.

Moving on, we’ve discovered that there are other foreign delicacies that have been given a makeover to suit the Indian taste buds. These are just 8 out of the many hundreds and I assure you, this hunt won’t just stop here.


1. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

No one can ever say no to Gulab Jamun. But when this heavenly dessert meets another one, cheesecake to be precise, it actually works wonders. And in some places this is even baked. Who knew the good old Gulabo could get better?

We Recommend: Penthouzz, Mumbai 


2. Naanza

Fancy name, right? It certainly has a ring to it. What you basically do is you take the toppings of your pizza and put it on a butter naan. That’s it, but honestly whoda thunk?

We Recommend: Big Pitcher, Bangalore


3. Noodle Samosa

Samosa is comfort food and when you stuff noodles in it, it just becomes bae. The crusty, crispy exterior makes way for the soft noodles to literally melt in your mouth. Hmmm!

We Recommend: Kumar Samose Wala, New Delhi


4. Tandoori Momos

Steamed momos? Check. Fried momos? Check. Tandoori momos? WHAT! Red in colour and found mostly in Pune, these momos are made in traditional tandoors. Guess just tandoori chicken wasn’t enough for us.

We Recommend: Mad Momos, Pune


5. Rasmalai Cake

I guess this was an invention by someone who was fed up of all the chocolate cakes and said, “wait let me show you what a cake is”. And in comes this pretty looking cake that just asks us to eat it.

We Recommend: SpiceKlub, Mumbai


6. Kurkure Pizza

Disclaimer: this is nothing like adding Kurkure between two slices of buttered bread. This is proper baked pizza with sauce and cheese. I mean, here people are arguing about pineapple as a topping, while Kurkure is just sliding by unnoticed.

We Recommend: Ulta Pizza, Mumbai


7. Chocolate Dosa

Something that you can quickly make even at home…provided you know how to make a plain dosa.

We Recommend: Dosa @ Twist, Kolkata


8. Uthly

Found in the southern regions of the country, Uthly is a burger doppelganger but is made of uttapams instead of the burger buns, and idli inside instead of the patty. That is some love for their cuisine!

We recommend: Up South, Bangalore


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