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8 Edible Shot Glasses That Will Win You The ’Host Of The Year’ Award!

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There’s no party like a party with shots! You can almost hear the chanting – ‘Shots! Shots! Shots!’ – as you read this. But this new trend takes the shots experience a step further. Edible shot glasses are all the rage, and even teetotalers can enjoy them!

From kid’s birthdays to bachelorettes, here are some fun edible shot glasses to try out at your next party. They’re sure to win you the Host Of The Year award.

1. Cookie shot glass

2. Marshmallow Shot Glass

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3. Jello Shot Glass

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4. Peppermint Shot Glass

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5. Ice Shot Glass

6. Chocolate Shot Glass

7. Cucumber Shot Glass

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8. Brownie Shot Glass

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