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8 Thalis From Across India That You Have To Try At Least Once

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India is one of the few countries on this planet that has a different language and changing food tastes, every time you cross a district, sometimes even within the borders of a state.

And that is what makes this country so, so beautiful. A culinary trail along the length and breadth of India is an experience of a lifetime, and the best way to make the most out of it is to indulge in a thali. A delicious, filling, soulful thali.


Which thali are you craving for? ?

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But India, being the awesome place that it is, has a variety of wholesome meals. Every state has a specific menu with set delicacies that will make your heart sing and tummies extremely full.

Here are 8 thalis that are super tasty and yet extremely different from each other.

Tell us in the comments below which one’s your favourite. 


1. South Indian Thali

Served on a Banana leaf, there is no end to the number of dishes in this one. Chutneys, a lot of rice, sambhar, vegetable curry, and papad dominate this sinful thali.


2. Punjabi Thali

Full of butter and loads of love, this thali will make you crave it for weeks. Chole bhature, rajma chaval, chicken masala with garlic naan, boondi raita, and lassi. Add halwa and gulab jamun and you are in a food coma!


3. Kathiawadi Thali

This all-vegetarian plate of goodness is for those who like a bit of a spice in their lives. Sev tamatar saag, baajre ka rotla, gud ke ladoo, masala bhaath, chaas, and, if you still have the strength to eat more, then go for lasooni aloo.


4. Goan Thali

Portuguese elements merge with coastal cuisine to create a non-vegetarian thali that’s spicy, tangy, and all things yummy! Rice, tamarind, coconut, seafood, and spices are flavours that’ll you experience in the quintessential Goan thali.


5. Rajasthani Thali

Drowned in ghee, this absolute revelation of a meal is fit for royalty. Flame grilled dal bhaati churma, creamy dahi main aloo, and spicy lal maas are components that will have you asking for seconds.


6. Konkan Thali

You could say that this thali has ‘sol’ LOL! Fried fish and fish in creamy coconut gravy are the highlights of this delicious, sea food thali, the hero of which is the millennial pink hued sol kadi.


7. Gujarati Thali

Sweet dahi ki kadi, dhokla, and dal, all eaten with tiny, melt-in-your-mouth soft rotis is the USP of Gujarati thalis. Don’t forget to tell your server ‘aapo’ when you want another serving.


8. Maharashtrian Thali

Bhakri, puran poli, and varan bhaat are all part of the vegetarian thali, while carnivores will be delighted by the sumptuous mutton curry and chicken vada (kombdi vada).


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