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If You’re A College Student In Mumbai, Check Out These Budget Hangouts!

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It is rightly said that once college days are gone, they never come back. And we only realise that once adulting starts.

If you’re in college right now, you’ve probably heard this piece of advice a million times — “make the most of your time right now” — and trust me, it’s true. The friends you make there will be the ones helping you get through one of the most confusing phases of your life. So spend an hour or two everyday after college (yup, not encouraging bunking) with your pals. Because trust me, you won’t get the time later.

If you’re in Mumbai then worry not, we have curated a list of 10 kickass places that are not only light on the pocket but are also the perfect spots to get your chill mode on.

From budget eateries to happy booze joints, there is something for everyone here!

1. Candies (Bandra)

Three outlets in one of the most happening parts of the city, Candies is a hit with all the locals. It is the go-to place for youngsters, especially for a group lunch or a reunion. Sip on yummy drinks and dig into delicious sandwiches, while enjoying the gorgeous dim-light interiors in what I like to call “the room of lamps”. Plus, the best part is that there are so many nooks and corners here, that you have a variety of options to grab a quick coffee at.

Cost For Two: Rs 700


2. Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe (Andheri)

I asked a lot of college students what their favourite hangout spot was in Bombay and almost everyone named this cafe without even thinking twice. Waffles, rolls, and sinful brownies welcome you in, and you might end up spending your entire day here. Plus, it really helps that the staff is super friendly. Also, did I mention they have board games?

Cost For Two: Rs 800


3. The J (All Over Mumbai)

This chain of awesome fries has taken over Mumbai and how! Though they don’t have any space where you can sit and chat, all 13 outlets in the city are always buzzing with college students. Cheesy fries or chicken ones, you can’t stop at just one!

Cost For Two: Rs 400


4. Sunlight (Marine Lines)

When they said don’t judge a book by its cover, they were likely talking about this joint. If you can ignore the ambience, then Sunlight has the cheapest alcohol, the yummiest Chicken lollipops, and some seriously buttery popcorn. It looks damn shady but most of the crowd here is college-goer friendly, so rest assured you will feel safe. And… they have a jukebox where you can play any kind of music you like!

PS: if you like Sunlight, then Gokul in Fort and Janta in Bandra are also good options to chill.

Cost For Two: Rs 300


5. Crystal (Chowpatty)

Home food at its best and prices that will make you smile, Crystal has been a favourite spot for anyone who misses ghar ka khana. Bang opposite the Girgaon Chowpatty (near Wilson College), the beach view is just the icing on the cake. Simple, Indian meals that will warm your heart, this one is for all of you who stay away from home. Highly recommend the rajma-chawal, jeera aloo, and gajar ka halwa.

Cost For Two: Rs 250


6. Mumbai Vibe

This newly-opened cafe in Bandra is already on our list for its quirky decor and amazing vibes. Saw what I did there? The local Bambaiyya cuisine has been given a twist that is sure to make you get hungry all over again. The bar menu shows some uniqueness too, with stuff like vodka pani-puri to tease your tastebuds. A fantastic place to spend hours gossiping with your BFF, with Linking Road being a stone’s throw away, you can complete the experience with shopping!

Cost For Two: Rs 1,000


7. Joey’s Pizza (Andheri & Malad)

Move over Pizza Hut, Mumbai has given its heart and soul to Joey’s Pizza. Deep-dish pizzas chok-full of toppings, this is legit happiness. With 2 outlets in Andheri and Malad, this is a great reason to venture to the ‘burbs. Also, there is a huge waiting line all the time, so make sure you go way before hunger strikes!

Cost For Two: Rs 800


8. Prithvi Café (Juhu)

From the outside, this seems like a fancy place with food prices that could make you cry, but it is quite the opposite. A budget cafe that has yellow lights all around, Prithvi Café is a personal favourite. Watch a play and then have a filling meal here over some beautiful conversations. That’s the best part about this place — strangers become friends. Why? Because it works on sharing the table rule. And it also works as a great date spot too!

Cost For Two: Rs 700


9. Jam Jar Diner (Versova & Bandra)

The restaurant has recently opened new doors in Bandra, and it’s where you’ll get your gorgeous Instagram images. Whether it is with the wonderful interiors as a background or the food that is served in a unique way, there is lots to love about this diner. Ideal for brunch or when you have a quick group assignment to finish, just grab a coffee and start! A little on the higher end as compared to other restaurants that offer similar services, both quality- and quantity-wise this one wins hands down, any day.

Cost For Two: Rs 1,500


10. Pop Tate’s (All Over Mumbai)

Another name that is quite familiar with Mumbaikars is Pop Tate’s. It has everything a 20-something would need: cheap alcohol, good music, a vibrant ambience, and lip-smacking food. Their Happy Hours lives up to its name, and no matter when you step foot in any of the outlets, there will always be a fun vibe welcoming you. So the next time you have to give a treat, think Pop Tate’s and you will go home smiling!

Cost For Two: Rs 1,500


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