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10 Interesting Ice-Creams You HAVE To Try When In Mumbai!

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When life is all sad and dull, we turn to ice-cream. When it is happy and we want to celebrate, we have ice-cream. Basically, whatever the mood, the occasion, the time, it is the one thing that will always be there for us. The childhood memory of binging on orange popsicles and the little dessert treats after every exam is something we never want to erase. From 8 am cravings to a midnight snack, ice-cream is our BFF.

But let’s move on from the standard vanilla cups and choco bars. It’s time to try some unique flavours that will increase your love for this God’s gift, if that’s even possible. Among many others are these 10 kickass spots that serve the most amazing ice-creams, with flavour fusions that are almost hard to believe. Are you ready for this sweet ride?


Blue Cheese and Honey Ice Cream_Hauterfly

1. Honey And Blue Cheese Ice-Cream, The Caramel Carousel

The sound of this is itself so tempting that the taste must be heavenly! Let Honey and Blue Cheese create magic that will surely make this combo a quick favourite.


bacon and olive oil ice cream_Hauterfly

2. Bacon And Olive Oil Ice-Cream, Mezzo Mezzo

Yes, you read that right. This ice-cream at JW Marriott, Juhu, is made of olive oil with candied bacon strips. Now I know what I am having for dessert tonight!


Lemon tart ice cream_Hauterfly

3. Sweet Heart Lemon Tart Ice-Cream, Sucres Des Terres

Coming from the maestros of desserts is this epic creation — a lemon tart ice cream. It tastes as beautiful as it looks. The texture is smooth and creamy — you’ll be begging for more once it’s over.


Guava chat masala ice cream_Hauterfly

4. Guava Chat Masala Ice-Cream, Apsara

For those who love a hint of tang in their sweets, Apsara has your sorted with its guava ice-cream. The added bonus is the chat masala sprinkled on top. Can it get any more desi?


Beer Popsicle_Hauterfly

5. Beer Popsicle, The White Owl

Brewed beer in iced lollies for those who like their sweet but can’t give up on the alcohol. You know where your Saturday night has to be spent now!


Whiskey and chocolate truffle ice cream_Hauterfly

6. Chocolate Truffle With Whiskey Ice-Cream, Gallops

Another alcohol-infused dessert that is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings. The chocolate truffle in itself is a dish to die for, but when you top it up with whiskey ice-cream, you want to live forever, just to eat it!


Mango and Pina Colada Kulfi_Hauterfly

7. Pina Colada Kulfi, The Bombay Canteen

Bombay Canteen is one place that keeps adding interesting twists to its menu, and we aren’t complaining! One of the best manifestations of this experimentation is the Pina Colada ice-cream. Takes you right back to a beach in Goa, doesn’t it?


Masala Chai Ice Ceam_Hauterfly

8. Masala Chai Ice-Cream, Masala Library

Our favourite fusion restaurant has the most amazing treat for all tea lovers — an ice-cream that tastes like chai. Jiggs Kalra has once again proven that nobody gets the surprise element in dishes better than him!


Chocolate mousse bar_Hauterfly

9. Chocolate Mousse Bar, The Rolling Pin

Say goodbye to the good old chocolate bar with this absolutely yummy chocolate mousse bar, that is a hundred times more sinful. The soft, juicy layer will melt instantly in your mouth, making Rolling Pin your go-to place.


chocolate Thali_Hauterfly

10. Chocolate Thali, Desi Klub

If none of the above satisfy your inner sweet monster, then this definitely will. Hog on the delicious chocolate thali at Desi Klub that has an assortment of everything good — chocolate ice-cream, brownies, truffle, ganache, and more. Now, we can die in peace!


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