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5 Super Cool Food-On-A-Stick Recipes You Need To Try This World Cup Season!

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The World Cup madness upon us! From rocking bright jerseys while running errands to painting our faces with poster paints while watching a game, to even changing our Instagram name in honour of our favorite team, we’re all catching the football fever! And what better way to make the most of it than with a World Cup party at home!

So, call your friends over for a game, ’cause we’ve got the perfect party starters for you! No we’re not talking about the plain ol’ popcorn and nachos. These food-on-a-stick recipes are a party food game changer. They’re super easy to make and everybody will love them!

inpost-food on a stick-pizza

Pizza On A Stick – Taste Of Home

1. Pizza On A Stick

It’s pizza. It’s on a stick. What’s not to love? It’s finally the weekend, and I can’t wait to try this out!

Click here for the recipe.

inpost-food on a stick-sandwich

Classic Sandwich Skewer Recipes – By Stephanie Lynn

2. Classic Club Sandwich Skewers

These classic club sandwich skewers are the quickest snack to rustle up before the game. Plus, it looks way fancier than a regular sandwich. Save this recipe for a picnic date too!

Click here for the recipe.

inpost-food on a stick-kebabs

Spicy Lemon Chicken Kabobs – Taste Of Home

3. Spicy Lemon Chicken Kababs

These delicious kebabs are the perfect way to spice things up and keep your guests happy.

Click here for the recipe.

inpost-food on a stick-french toast

French Toast Kebabs – Martha Stewart

4. French Toast Kebabs

Who said French toast is only a breakfast thing? Serve these up as a dessert on game night, and your guests will love you for it!

Click here for the recipe.

inpost-food on a stick-strawberry kebobs

Strawberry Brownie Kabobs – Erica’s Sweet Tooth

5. Strawberry Brownie Kebabs

Dessert is definitely the best part of any meal. With this seriously good-looking dessert, we won’t blame your friends for taking their eyes off the game!

Click here for the recipe.


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