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10 of 2016’s Hottest Instagram Food Trends

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With every passing day, the new year is coming closer, and we’re only getting more excited. Sadly, for most part the year was, how to put it, depressing. But, where there is sadness, only one thing can make it better — yes, food! Food has been our constant companions through our high and lows, and no matter what, it is bae. 2016 saw some pretty interesting food trends that literally flooded Instagram, ones that looked pretty awesome too. From fusion cuisine to new inventions, it was undoubtedly an interesting year. Let’s revisit the top 10 food trends of 2016 and, if you haven’t tried them yet, you still have 5 days to do that!


1. Coffee In A Cone

Coffee in any form is a survival tool — add cones to it and we’re sold! But, then again, no one likes a soggy cone, so this is a risky one to try.


2. Spiralized Veggies

This one made for some impressive plating. Spiral veggies were one trend that even the health freaks approved of.


3. Rainbow Bagels

Brooklyn’s Bagel Store invented this dessert to brighten up the first meal of your day. Slowly but surely, the trend spread like wild fire and found place in people’s feeds and hearts.


4. Sushi Donuts

Earlier this year, sushi got a makeover. They were made in the shapes of donuts and, quite successfully, deceived people into believing that they were dessert. This was one item of food that was all over the Internet in 2016 as, after donuts, there were sushi burritos too!


5. Mac And Cheese Sandwich

America’s favourite food made the headlines again, but this time as a sandwich. Mac and cheese inside a grilled toast sandwich? Yes, please!


6. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

There is no such thing as too much cheese. Yet another cheese trend that took over Instagram was Rainbow Cheese Grilled. It’s basically made with beetroots, onions, cheese, and food colouring to make it look like, well, a rainbow. Fancy one?


7. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

We love dessert trends and this pretty one bowled us over! So much so that we decided to cover it as a separate league.


8. Sweet Potato Toasts

Bye Bye potato toasts, hello sweet potato! 2016 saw people edging towards this healthier option and making it go viral on Instagram.


9. Ramen Burger

The Ramen Burger saw people ditch the good old buns for something new. A little weird to have buns made of noodles, but what the hell, bring ’em on.


10. Avocado Rose

When iPhone launched the new emoticons, including the one with the avocado, we lost our marbles! And when people started making roses with them, everyone just went crazy.

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