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Flipkart Co-Founder Sachin Bansal’s Wife Accused Him Of Harassing Her For Dowry. It’s 2020 And We’re Still Fighting This?

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Asking for dowry was criminalised in India in 1961 under the Dowry Prohibition Act. This means that women could not only refuse to give dowry but also send those demanding it to the jail. However, there has been a huge discrepancy between what’s accepted legally and socially. It’s been almost half a century since then and yet the dowry system has not been completely eradicated. In fact, it’s not even close to being wiped out from our culture. For years, dowry was given and taken quite shamelessly and people refused to report it. Then things changed but not for any good. Today, instead of calling it dowry they simply call it “gifts”.

Our parents encourage this system by spending so much on the wedding and giving lavish gifts to the groom and his family. They do all this because they want their daughters to be taken care of. You know, they’ve grown up seeing women being treated badly by their in-laws if they don’t bring in enough dahej. It’s so deeply imbibed in their minds.

I mean, seriously what makes these men worth so much that they expect women to shell out so much to marry them and then serve them forever? They are just men and not a post-graduation course at Harvard. Owning a penis doesn’t make them a diamond mine. So maybe their parents should stop pimping out their sons in the market and putting a price on human relationships.

It came as a surprise that Flipkart co-founder and an Indian entrepreneur Sachin Bansal who is seen as an inspiration by many, is accused in a dowry case. His wife Priya Bansal filed an FIR at Koramangala police station in Bengaluru against him, his parents and his brother.

She complained that they demanded dowry and “gifts” during their wedding. Priya alleged that her father spent 50 lakhs on the wedding and gave Sachin 11 lakhs in cash. She also said that she is being assaulted and harassed for more financial benefits. Priya alleged that he has been pressurising her to transfer her properties and assets to his name.

She said in the complaint that she is being mentally and physically harassed by her in-laws and husband. “Post wedding, it was decided that it I will stay with my husband. Before the wedding, in-laws visited my home and asked for more dowry. My husband and in-laws have been giving me mental and physical torture since the wedding for dowry,” Priya revealed.

Priya also alleged that Sachin physically assaulted her and also sexually assaulted her sister. “When my sister (name withheld) was in Delhi, Sachin had sexually assaulted her. Sachin had tried to transfer all properties in my name to his name and when I refused, Sachin had physically assaulted me on 20 October 2019. I have been tortured mentally and physically by in-laws for dowry,” Priya said.

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The police still has to investigate and interrogate the family since they are not in town. However, a case has been registered against them.

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