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5 Fitness Hacks That Will Work Wonders For Every Lazy Girl

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Even though the fitness month of January is over, you are aware that you still need to shed those few extra holiday pounds that just refuse to leave. However, the issue is that along with the extra kilos, we also carry about an ounce of laziness and getting rid of that before working out is what’s actually weighing us down. The first sign is contemplation — we sit and think for hours whether or not we should hit the gym, or stretch out those sleepy muscles. Once we’ve finally come to a decision, we rethink it and then find an excuse for not going. Postponing it to the next day or even the one after brings us immense guilt, but also an equal amount of pleasure — you know, since in our mind we’ve sort of convinced ourselves that we will undoubtedly get to it tomorrow (a part of us…the realistic part knows that procrastination is what’s actually lurking around the corner).


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Now, if you’re one who likes to skip the gym or that run or those mini-crunches and just lie in bed (because that’s bae), here are 5 fitness hacks you can incorporate in your daily life and not feel guilty about playing burrito with your blanket.

1. Seat Leg Raises

If you’re working in an office, you will tend to sit a lot, and I mean A LOT. If you want to tone your core then sit on an exercise ball, but if your work doesn’t permit you that, then squeeze in a little leg work. Spend at least 5 minutes each half of the day doing leg raises on your seat. This will strengthen your glutes and leg muscles.

2. Hair-Tie Arms

When tying your hair with a scrunchie, spend a couple of more minutes putting it all together. Your arms suspended in the air will strengthen the muscles. Remember what it was like when you were just learning to tie a braid? Well, yes, this will leave you with that excruciating pain in your arms and forearm, but will also help tone down those chicken wings.

3. Deep Breaths

Deep breaths not only calm your nervous system down, but also help strengthen your core. Sucking in your tummy and holding it in for about 15 seconds before releasing will work those abs. And the best part is you can do this anytime of the day, literally anywhere!

4. Pee Squat

A mini hack vetted by Monica Dogra herself, the pee squat will work wonders for your butt and thighs. Also encouraging you to drink a whole lot of water, whenever you have to pee just do about 20 squats in the toilet. It will save you time and also allow you to hydrate often. Win, win!

5. Stair Rush

An age-old time-saving fitness hack that will help you get fit ASAP. Whenever you get a chance to take the stairs, DO IT! You get in some cardio, a couple ab crunches, and it works your leg muscles, of course. This also allows you to burn any calories that you’ve collected along the day.


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