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First Lady Savita Kovind Stitched Masks At Shakti Haat To Be Distributed At Shelter Homes. We Love Her Initiative!

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There is an old saying that says, ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. This is something we were all familiarised with back during our school days as part of our curriculum but over the years, have come to witness on our own. Be it during a battle or a war like this, fighting off a lethal virus, it is always when people come together to fight for a cause, that victory doesn’t seem like a far-fetched dream anymore and that is exactly what we are hoping for to happen in this present day scenario where the entire nation has decided to step up to fight away coronavirus.

One of them has been the First Lady of India, President Kovind’s wife, Savita Kovind. Assuming her role and her duty of being in such a position of power and influence, the First Lady of India stepped up to do her bit for the cause.  She was seen helping stitch face masks at Shakti Haat in the President’s Estate.

Masks are critical, no less than ammunition to fight Covid-19, and it is the very thing that is running short in market and pharmacies. Savita Kovind took up charge to contribute by making them herself.

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With an intention to distribute these masks to various shelter homes of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, this initiative by Savita Kovind was well received by twitterati as well, that lauded her effort of contributing in whatever capacity she could.

It is time we acknowledge that in order to come out of this alive and kicking, we need to stand united when times are tough and realise that no effort at this point is small or big as long as it is making a difference! Which is why, we are proud of Savita Kovind to be taking this step, hopefully inspiring others to do what they can in such times.

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