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10 Delicious Finger Foods That Will Rock Your Next Party

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Hosting a house party this weekend or the next? Then we have your menu sorted. These delicious munchies by the legend Martha Stewart will make your guests forget about everything else. Heavenly in taste and oh-so-pretty to look at, these dainty finger foods have a big thumbs up from us. So let’s get cooking!


Herbd Almonds_Hauterfly

1. Fried Herbed Almonds

This three-ingredient recipe is so easy to make that even your 10-year-old niece could make it. Quick to eat and super crunchy, these almonds tend to get over fast because they’re THAT addictive. Make sure you have plenty to go around!

Get the recipe here.


Panko Chicken_Hauterfly

2. Panko-Crusted Chicken With Apricot Mustard Sauce

The name itself gets our mouths watering! Apricot jam and mustard sauce make a combination that is to die for. Add some delicately crusted chicken to it and you’re all set!

Get the recipe here.


Parmesan Crostini_Hauterfly

3. Artichoke Parmesan Crostini

Made in less than 15 minutes, this delicacy makes us go weak in our knees. Yes, it’s that good!

Get the recipe here.


Deviled Eggs_Hauterfly

4. Creamy Deviled Eggs

A classic that is everyone’s favourite.

Get the recipe here.


Vegetarian Sushi_Hauterfly

5. Vegetable Sushi

Most people cringe when we say vegetable and sushi in the same sentence, but once you’ve had this version of it, you won’t believe how good it tastes!

Get the recipe here.


wonton cups_hauterfly

6. Wonton Cups With Cream & Chutney

Wonton cups are the perfect party starters. And if they’re filled with cream cheese and chutney? They become the talk of the party!

Get the recipe here.


fried mozarella_hauterfly

7. Fried Mozzarella 

Fried and mozzarella — do we have to say anything more?

Get the recipe here.


pancetta figs_hauterfly

8. Pancetta Wrapped Figs

Poached figs with crispy pancetta make for an irresistible combo. Serve it with a sweet and sour cocktail to enhance its flavour.

Get the recipe here.


sausage balls_hauterfly

9. Sausage Cheddar Balls

If you have a crowd that loves eating, then you need to make this yummy appetizer. Don’t go by its looks, it’s not a meatball.

Get the recipe here.


spinach dip_hauterfly

10. Hot Spinach Dip

No party is complete without a kickass dip. This spinach dip will get you truckloads of compliments, if you don’t end up eating it all by yourself, that is!

Get the recipe here.


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