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Google Did A Doodle About The FIFA Women’s Football World Cup. We Realised We Knew Nothing About It

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The ICC Cricket World Cup is going on in England and Wales right now. I know the names of the teams involved, the format (round robin), I know when India is playing and against which team and I can list, off the top of my head, the players in our playing eleven. And that’s because I follow cricket with a passion. Men’s cricket is practically a religion. Ask us about women’s cricket and we can probably name 3 players, but we’d really have to put our heads to it. And this is a sport that has immense popularity in India. A sport that is popular around the world is football. That’s where the money is. That’s a sport with a cult following. Except the passion, the fervour is reserved for men’s football. We know next to nothing about women’s football. So when Google did a doodle about it today, we had to click on it to find out the details.

For example, where it is being played- Paris, France – in case you were wondering. So, we decided to give you all the deets about this, right here. Because these women deserve your support, and we need them to know that the world cares about their game as much as they do.

Earlier this year, Ada Hegerberg boycotted the FIFA World Cup to protest against the inequality between men and women in the football. This Norwegian forward won the Ballon D’Or and when she went on stage to collect the award, she was asked to twerk, a fun demand never made of any male footballers.

Anyway, back to the details of the Women’s World Cup. It kicks off today and goes on for a month, till 7th July. The first match is between South Korea and the hosts, France. There are 24 countries taking part in this edition of the World Cup and these women are a force to reckon with.

Four teams are also making their debut in this world cup. Chile, Scotland, South Africa and Jamaica. There’s going to be plenty of exciting action here, we just need people to tune in.

To quickly put things into perspective, the prize money for the tournament is $30 million of which $4 million is given to the winners. This is literally 10 percent of the $400 million that’s the prize money for the men’s world cup. Sad, but true.


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