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Fatima Sana Shaikh’s Reply To A Troll Who Commented On Her Body Was Savage AF!

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India is a secular country, home to a variety of religions like Hindu, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Christianity and many more. There are different beliefs and ideals that people of each religion follow, or quite a few times, feel obligated to follow. But for the independent thinkers, and ones who are too comfortable in their own skin to conform to orthodox rituals, they form their own ideals.

As did Dangal actress Fatima Sana Shaikh, when she, being a Muslim, stepped into the industry and created ripples with her phenomenal debut and acting skills. But turns out, Bollywood is not the only place she has created waves. There still are a few people out there who seem to disapprove her for not covering her body up with a hijab. If only it mattered.

Fatima recently posted a picture on her Instagram, the caption for which was as beautiful as the view. We can’t say the same for one particular comment she received though, that slammed her for not covering her body. The actress, clearly annoyed as anyone would be, gave a rather befitting reply by commenting, “aur aap mere dost. You are blocked… Mah badan, mah rulz.. your gamla, your phool.”

And we totally stand by it. A hijab or a niqab, is something that is worn by Muslim women as a way of modest clothing, but one not wearing the garment or covering themselves up, in no way is a barometer to decide how religious or not she is. It is a personal choice and Fatima made that point loud and clear. As for her blocking him, he should’ve seen it coming considering he was wandering about in wrong quarters, where he has neither any business nor any say!


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