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Farah Khan Shares An ‘Embarrassing’ Picture Of Twinkle Khanna. We All Have Friends Who Do That

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For me, spring cleaning is a proper ritual. Not so much because it is sacred to me, but because it scares me and most of the times requires me to summon a proper mahurat because vibes are the only thing that will keep my wardrobe clean. I can’t. We are more than 4 months into this lockdown and the day has yet not arrived. Maybe the stars are not aligned, okay?  You see, it is not that the mess it would create that bothers me, well not just that, but also because of the messy memories it might bring to the fore. And while mine reek of old lovers, Farah Khan’s closet cleaning ritual threw up and gem. And she used it to do what all of us would, embarrass the people in the picture.

A successful writer, a columnist, an interior designer, a producer, Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funnybones has made a quite a mark with her candid commentary and books full of smiling sarcasm. In her columns for TOI, she has often derided her own films, make it amply obvious that even she thinks she was in the wrong profession. But long before she descended into writing novels, she was known to act in movies, one of which was the 1997 film Uff! Yeh Mohabbat.

Throwing back to one such days on the shoot of the movie was Farah Khan, who shared a picture of Twinkle Khanna posing next to her, Abhishek Kapoor and filmmaker Vipin Handa while shooting a song sequence for the movie. Putting it up on her social media with a cute and fun caption, Farah shared how it was time to embarrass Twinkle and Abhishek, and looking at the picture, we think Twinkle might have some fun comebacks.

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She wrote, “The things you find when you clean your drawers! Time to embarrass Twinkle Khanna and Abhishek Kapoor. Me choreographing them eons ago in a film called Uff! Yeh Mohabbat… Shoot went on for 2 years after which we were just calling the film “Uff!”… (even the junior artists look fed up) #loveinsikkim #vipinhanda.” Twinkle can be seen sitting in a costume, hand in hand with Farah as the team attempted to dance to her tunes. The movie however, after two years of shooting and everything else, tanked at the box office.

However, we relate hard to her post, considering we’ve all had our most funny and embarrassing picture splashed on social media by our dear friends. And I guess, these are the memories you have with your friends that makes your friendship even more special and worthwhile. Because until you don’t have a box full of embarrassing pictures of your friends, are you even a friend?

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