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Farah Khan Says That This Is A Pandemic, Not A Global Party. Okay, But Why Can’t People Just Cope The Way They Want To?

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There is no doubt that this pandemic has gotten the best of us. We are all locked in our houses, but the worst part is, at this point, it seems like it’s indefinite. Just today, the PM announced an extension of the lockdown till 3rd May. We have no idea when coronavirus cases will go down and when we will be able to run free like the wind or something to that effect. If you think about it though, this lockdown has taught us a lot of things. For one, I never thought I could spend as much time with myself as I have right now.

For a lot of us, it’s like we are living the same day over and over again. Which is why I believe that we need to utilize this time to do anything that makes us happy. Painting, cooking, cleaning, singing whatever might help calm this weight that everyone is feeling. Take most of our celebrities, for instance, they are using cooking and working out as a means to make this lockdown more bearable.

Which is why when Farah Khan asked all the celebrities to stop posting their workout videos during this pandemic, I thought it was ridiculous. I mean, just because celebrities are sharing their workouts doesn’t mean they aren’t helping out during this pandemic, so her request just seems baseless. But man, did she get trolled for her meltdown.

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However, Farah Khan recently appeared in a virtual interview with Rajeev Masand where she attempted to do some damage control. She said, “I want to apologise to everybody who got scared. I know I took off. Please workout. I walk one hour around the balcony every day. I was disturbed with the frivolity of the situation. It’s not a global party guys, it’s a global pandemic.”

I don’t think she understands that just because people are doing things that they enjoy, to keep morale up doesn’t mean they are treating this like a “global party”. Are celebrities privileged? Yes, they are. But are they posting workout videos to show off their privilege? I don’t think so. Actually, on the contrary, they are motivating people to take care of themselves during these tough times. I really think Farah needs take a chill pill.

She goes on to talk about how our entertainment industry doesn’t has a reputation of being too superficial. She says, “It seemed a little shallow. We already don’t have a great reputation for being an industry that is deep thinking, even though a lot of people do so much good and contribution. It just seemed like everything was about ‘look at me, look at me.”

In this interview, she also says a lot of things about celebrities having first world problems like running out of gluten-free bread and all the gyms being closed. I know she was trying to imply that there are much larger problems afoot right now and no one is denying that. But explain something to me, just because these celebrities are trying to do something productive to spend the time, does that mean they aren’t contributing? They are also under lockdown and just because they are put on a pedestal by the public doesn’t mean all they have to do is try and help people, which FYI they are trying their best to do.

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Farah also stated the examples of her own 12-year-old triplets saying that even they are trying to help out. She said, “My daughters are 12 years old; they are figuring out how to feed stray dogs. My son is stressed and wants to write songs about something that can help. So, you can’t flaunt your privilege at this time. I know you can, but you should not.”

It’s really admirable that her children are doing so much to help out. Did you know that one of her daughters actually raised Rs 70,000 to feed stray dogs, by selling dog paintings for Rs 1,000 each? Yeah, that is awesome. But that doesn’t mean that the celebrities who aren’t actively helping out are only complaining about their “1%” problems.

Let’s just please get some perspective here and understand that posting workout videos doesn’t mean celebrities are only flaunting their privilege and they aren’t doing their bit.

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