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Farah Khan Says Kabir Singh May Not Win Awards For The Amount Of Criticism It Has Received. It Would Be Great If That’s The Case

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For the longest time I thought, that anyone who watches the movie Kabir Singh, will have either of the two reactions for the film- either they would cringe at the blatant misogyny – or would laud it as the greatest piece of cinema in a long time. Safe to say, I firmly belong to the former category, but clearly there were several others who agreed with the latter and made Kabir Singh as one of the highest grossing films of the year.  But turns out, there is a third category of people too, much like Farah Khan, who seem to be still confused about what they think and what they should say about the misogynistic crap that this movie was.

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Recently, filmmaker Farah Khan was asked about what she thought of the entire controversy that surrounded Shahid Kapoor’s film Kabir Singh, she shared how “Every person with a phone is a critic. On social media, random people are giving their critical analysis but it’s talking nothing about the film per se. Hamari country mein gin ke ek ya do critics honge jo picture ko ache se evaluate karte hai, like how was it shot, how was the direction, screenplay kaisa tha etc.”

And up till this point, we were seeing eye to eye with what she had been trying to say. But then she went ahead and said something that didn’t sit right with us at all. The filmmaker then shared how she didn’t think that Shahid was going to win any award for it, and reasoned it by saying, “His film Kabir Singh has done so well. But because it got criticised so badly, I just feel that if he is going to win some award for it, then the organizers might have second thoughts looking at the barrage of criticism that the film got.”

This is something we actually hope is a reality, for Shahid to not win awards for his movie Kabir Singh. Because just like the end of the movie is problematic because it rewards his behaviour, celebrating a movie like this is a problem because it makes it okay. Criticism, is a part and parcel of this industry. But if the reasons for which it was criticised would amount for him not winning any accolades, then we are here for it. Great acting or not, it’s the or kind of sexist, misogynist and deeply disturbing movie tripe that no one should applaud.

Now we aren’t saying that Shahid Kapoor fell short on his delivery as Kabir Singh, or did not do justice to his role. In fact, his performance was convincing to the point of him scaring us even at his promotions. But then again, to laud and celebrate him for his portrayal of a man that is everything wrong with the society, would be validating his existence and his ways. And that is why, when Farah Khan says that the only reason he might not win an award would be because the organisers may feel conflicted on the widespread criticism it has received, is probably a great deterrent. And we are glad it would be that way.

If the many, many articles slamming the movie cannot stop this rubbish, maybe not getting lauded but criticised might make a greater point.

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