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Faith Herbert Is The Plus-Size Female Superhero We’ve Been Waiting For Our Whole Lives!

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If you’ve grown up on a staple diet of Barbies and other dolls, you know that you found no representation of your size, face or colour amongst these toys. Basically, popular culture didn’t really have anything you could relate to. This was pretty much the case everywhere. On TV, in books and even in comics. And it has been this way till 2018. Thankfully, now it’s set to change. And it’s about time!

Faith Herbert is Hollywood’s first major plus-size superhero. Valiant comic books have been publishing her story for a while now and she quickly gained fame for being so relatable. And now, there may be a movie in the works. Sony Pictures has begun work on a live-action film that would focus on the story of Faith, also known as Zephyr.

You’ve to love Faith. She has rolls on her stomach, a double chin and all that. She also has powers. They don’t exist in silos, they’re a part of Faith. Faith also works in a day job as a reporter, and fights crime in Los Angeles the rest of the time.

We can’t wait for her to light up the screen!


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