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This Is How Your Crush Stalks You On Facebook

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We all have done it and will probably continue doing so. Not probably, definitely. Stalking someone on Facebook is like a birth right that we have given ourselves. No harm in a little side hobby, right? How else will you know what that cute guy in the next building is up to or what that new chick at work’s deal is? I mean, it is self defense and a service to humanity. But, there is only so much you can do, what with privacy settings and all that. Hold that thought — everything has a loophole. And Facebook’s graph system is exactly that. It helps you to stalk…okay, get to know the other person, more efficiently. After all, your girlfriends and you need to have gossip sessions.




Now, before you read further, this post is to help you safeguard yourself from other stalkers and not a guide on how to stalk. Sure, it’s healthy, once in a while, but try not to get yourself arrested, okay? Readers, please don’t be creepy.

1. When You Don’t Know The Name Of The Person

In a situation when you don’t remember the name of the person you met last night at the party or his name was a little difficult to pronounce, you can still find him on FB. If you remember his work place or college name or any other helpful detail, just type in people who go to that college and people who work at that company, and a list of common people will appear — you’re sure to get lucky!

2. When You Want To Know Where Your Crush Has Been

Get the dirt out of your mind and concentrate! Say your crush’s name is X and you type in “places X has been to last week” or “the events X has attended”, and everything will come up. Yes, everything.

3. When You Want To Know Whether Their Interests Match Yours

Legit reason, right? Type in “pages liked by X” and have some fun!

4. When You Want To Know What He Likes

This is super creepy, on so many different levels! By typing in “photos liked by X”, you will see what your crush has commented on or liked. This means, you will know more about his or her friend circle too. Not so safe anymore, guys.

5. When You Are Their Close Friend

With this feature, forget stalking, you might just deactivate your account. Now, when you go to a friend’s profile, if you click on friends, it gives you an option of close friends. Once you select that, every time they do something on Facebook, you get a notification. All cool. But, they won’t know you have added them as your close friend. Uhm, yeah.


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