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Facebook Merged Instagram DM With Messenger And It Has Unleashed Memes. These Will Really Make Your Day

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A few days ago, I realised that my Instagram usage had gone way up. I am not a social media fanatic, well not in the way most people are anyway. I don’t click 40 selfies in one sitting or stalk my ex in the middle of the night. Okay, that’s a lie. But this pandemic has me heavily depended on Instagram and Facebook not only to ensure all my friends are okay but also for basic entertainment. I am sure you won’t disagree. However, like most people, I was extremely unhappy when Facebook rolled out its new update that merges Instagram’s direct messaging with Facebook Messenger. What I absolutely enjoyed though were the hilarious memes that followed after this update was out. 

Basically, Instagram users can now send messages to contacts on Facebook Messenger without ever leaving the app and of course vice versa. You can also change the chat colour to a particular theme for each individual chat and create selfie stickers. I am particularly excited about that last feature. Although, a lot of social media users have raised questions about privacy after this new update launched. 

And while netizens were expressing their displeasure and disappointment, memesters were hard at work. I really love how creative those guys have gotten over this lockdown period. Anyway, there were so many memes surrounding the new Instagram update that #instagramupdate was trending on Twitter. 

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Check out some of the hilarious memes:

These are extremely hilarious! Who knew that the coming together of Instagram and Facebook can open the floodgates to such amazing memes?

It was only last year that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg had hinted at “knitting together the messaging systems on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp”. Can you imagine the day we access our Instagram Direct Messenger on our WhatsApp chats? It’s going to be so weird. However, I am excited to see the memes that follow that update.

These Instagram update memes really made my day. You have to love how netizens celebrate every small thing by unleashing hilarious memes. Although I can’t say I was half as excited about the update as I am about the memes that followed.

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