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Extremely Relatable #MentallyImHere Trends On Social Media. It’s Got Us Day Dreaming.

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These last 5 months have felt like we are living one very very very long and monotonous day. These last 9,000 days (forgive my exaggeration) have been rough. I just keep thinking that if I knew what was going to happen in 2020, I would’ve taken that trip with my friends last year that I turned down or made time to just go and walk alongside the Marine drive promenade and feel the sea breeze in my hair. I would’ve definitely splurged on desserts, food and tequila shots more. But hey, I think all of us have things that we would’ve done had we known or would like to be doing right now, don’t we? 

Although, I think through these trying times our saving grace has been social media. Well, the memes on social media, to be specific. I am not a huge fan of the incessant trolling and bullying that has become prevalent on our favourite micro-blogging sites. The memes, however, that have been created in these horrid months have been epic. Memesters have really outdone themselves this time. And while we are mindlessly scrolling through them, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that all of us might be physically sitting on our couches or buried under blankets on our beds staring at our phones but mentally, we are all somewhere else. Right? 

Which is exactly why I am sure you’ll will relate to the string of memes that are trending at this moment. You see, people are now so fed up with this whole thing that even the memes we see have become about what people would rather be doing right now. The hashtag, #MentallyImHere is trending and people are disassociating from reality and posting pictures of all the things or places they would rather be at, at this very moment. And there is a huge chance you will relate hard to all of these because I know I am.  

Some posted pictures of scenic tulip gardens or the sea while others posted scenes from FRIENDS and concerts (ugh, concerts, an amazing concept that will not make it into the post-corona era).

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Check it out: 

You know, if someone were to ask me where I am mentally right now? I would show them a picture of a beach on a windy day with me lounging on the sand and sipping a chilled beer. I now realise no one asked me but well I am sure you’ll find some use for this knowledge.

To say these are relatable is an understatement. Right now, we are all elsewhere mentally. The coronavirus can lockdown our cities and rain on all our parades, but it can’t stop our minds from wandering. Ha!

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