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Ex-Contestant Payal Rohatgi Calls Current Big Boss Contestants ‘Jobless’. We’ve All Been Thinking The Same Thing

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There are two kinds of people in the world, one who would strut along to the beat of their own rhythm, minding their own business. Then, there are the other kinds, who can’t walk a step without poking their noses in someone else’s business and make a living out of the controversies in other people’s lives. On the show Bigg Boss, you meet both kinds of people. A show that has been thriving season after season on controversy alone, has once again started garnering TRP, after a Bigg Boss season 2 contestant, Payal Rohatgi went on to call the current set of contestants for Bigg Boss 13, get this, jobless.

The former actress and model, Payal Rohtagi said actors like Ameesha Patel, Rashmi Desai, Koena Mitra and the likes of them are jobless, and the others that were left, as insignificant. She wrote, “Ram Ram ji…Actors like #AmeeshaPatel #Koenamitra #RashmiDesai #SidarthShukla #AbuMalik all r #Jobless at present. So they decided to do #BiggBoss13 for money. Others are irrelevant who just need fame so must have come free of cost. I was also #Jobless when I went to BB2.”

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It’s funny she should say it. This woman is a former Bigg Boss contestant herself.  And the only reason she has been in the news is a because she has made inappropriate remarks on practically anyone and everyone. This is not a woman known for her eloquence. It’s not like her tweet came as a surprise to most of us, for she has been known to surface up from time to time, gasping for attention. From earlier passing insensitive tweets about Article 370 and demanding Kashmiri Muslims in the area be kicked out, she’s not exactly holding back when it comes being controversial.  Then again, maybe she has inadvertently let out some truths? Haven’t all of us thought this at some point?

It’s not exactly like we have seen Ameesha Patel doing anything. We do not know of any movies or shows she’s supposed to be on. In 2017, in a column by Rajeev Masand, it was revealed that she was desperately looking to making a comeback and wanted to act in movies. Word on the street was that her agent was pitching to anyone who would listen. Not much came of it, but Ameesha is on Bigg Boss now and her earlier stunts don’t exactly scream ’employed.’

Pretty much the exact same thing can be said for Koena Mitra. After a botched up cosmetic surgery job, the actress was lying low for a long time. In fact, not much was known about her at all. And then, as actresses in these situations usually do, she started talking about national issues affecting all of us. Again, nothing in her social media also suggests she has much work on her hands.

The others? We aren’t even sure if they were famous in the first place. Abu Malik’s claim to fame is a that he is related to Anu Malik (who should banned from everything because of the sexual allegations). With the others’, we couldn’t even be bothered to do a basic Google search.

Has Payal Rohatgi through her tweet revealed a truth we may all may be thinking about but don’t say. We are inclined to say yes.

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