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Ex Bigg Boss Contestant Neha Pendse’s Response When Asked About Her Husband’s Divorce Is Awesome. This Woman Is A Star

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In my expert opinion, there is a great chance that almost no body in this day and age stands without having some or the other kind of an emotional baggage. Yeah, this is why I am self-proclaimed expert. This is because it’s next to impossible, to have lived for however many years and not get attached to any person. And even more so, not to have had your heart broken. Speaking from experience of having it broken several times, I have also realised that while it may slow you down sometimes, it is never really worth shaking your faith in the concept of love altogether and we wouldn’t be the only ones making that claim. TV actress Neha Pendse who quite recently tied the knot with now husband Shardul Singh was also of a similar opinion as she opened up about her marriage with him.

It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony, the Big Boss contestant Neha Pendse tied the knot with Shardul and already (you would think they would allow them to be for a bit) people are gossiping about the happy couple. Not the kind they’d like though. Not giving up on their habit of poking their nose where it doesn’t belong, trolls have been picking at Neha for marrying Shardul who has been divorced twice and has two kids from his previous marriages.

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Clearly, reflecting the kind of thinking that wasn’t appreciated even back in the day, people are still hung up on the age old  mindset of looking at divorce and divorcees as nothing more than people with failure attached to their name. Society is clearly hell bent over judging people who marry again and the person that chooses to marry them, because isn’t this a haye tauba moment? And much like Neha herself, we do too agree that this is nothing but utter crap.

Speaking about the trolls who have been condemning her for marrying a guy with two failed marriages, Nehha said, “What’s the big deal about this? Today, many of us are getting married late because of various reasons, including the focus on career. A lot of people end up having more than one relationship before finally tying the knot. The commitment, love and physical proximity could be the same as it is in a marriage, the only difference is that there is no legal stamp over it. So, why are people talking about Shardul being a divorcee? It’s not that I am a virgin either.”

She continued with so much conviction, she shut naysayers up when she said, “I appreciate the fact that he took chances with women he was in love with, unlike in my case where the men disappeared just when the relationship could have culminated into marriage. At least, Shardul is not commitment-phobic. I salute him for his undying faith in the institution of marriage, it is easy to not believe in it after two failed marriages. That shows that he is a man of substance unlike those who fear the idea of getting married. I also feel that if a marriage is not working out, one should end it rather than drag on.”

Not shying away from being blunt when it came to her own past about not being a virgin and trying to break another stereotype while at it, Nehha not only laid it out without fear of being judged, but also with no fucks to give about other people’s judgement of her. She owned up to the fact that we’ve all too had our own share of falling in and out of love, and judging someone based on their past relationships is stupid and anyway, none of their business. Earlier, she was questioned when she added Shardul’s name almost immediately after the wedding and she said ““I’m proud to be Shardul’s wife and more than happy that Shardul came into my life. I couldn’t wait to change my name and immediately after the rituals, I added Bayas to my last name. We truly love each other.”

Giving more power to the happy couple, we think it is brave of them to break past the stereotypes people have around divorcees. From calling them flawed, damaged, fickle there is absolutely nothing that they aren’t called or perceived of, and that needs to change. We are glad that someone is finally speaking up about it.

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