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Esha Gupta Put Trolls in Their Place With This Epic Clapback And We Are Here For It

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If there was ever a national pastime in India, besides watching 11 men in blue play with stumps and a ball, it would be to take offense. And if we are particularly bored of that, and because we have access to internet, we resort to leaving unsavoury comments on pictures of stars on Instagram. Yes, too many people have too much time. Along with this, they bring their morality, their deeply set misogyny and a ferocious need to convince everyone they are right. At the receiving end are unsuspecting stars who get trolled for what they eat, what they wear, what they expose and who they are dating.

Commenting on everything and anything is fair game for the trolls. But after enduring this for a while, the actresses and actors are starting to shut trolls down and call them out. And they are not mincing words. An actress who has been particularly vocal is Esha Gupta and honestly, with the kind of comments that she gets, we know why she’s being fiery.

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In a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, Esha slammed trolls and expressed her annoyance at their stupid comments on her pictures. She said, I get really angry at times and feel baffled thinking about what goes on inside their minds? What’s their problem? You have nothing to do and you’re writing something on someone’s wall without thinking how that might affect that person. Your life sucks that’s why you can’t see others happy… I read somewhere that ‘If you’re not feeding me, f***ing me, or financially supporting me, your opinion means nothing to me’ and I completely follow this.”

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Which only makes sense. What an actor or actress wears is their prerogative and the incessant trolling needs to stop. From their clothes to their bodies, people will comment on anything. Not all of it is flattering, most of them cheap, horny comments about what they want to do to the star.

Esha further went on to say, “We have so many things going on in our heads. There’s so much to do in life, so there’s no point being stressed about something so unimportant. What I also want to tell them is that there’s so much happening in the world already, a war is taking place as we speak and there are many refugees who need help… and you are commenting on someone’s body parts… come on, use your time to do something worthwhile.”

We are with you, Esha. We hear you and we are glad you are calling trolls out.


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