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Erica Fernandes Says She Was Rejected By The South Indian Film Industry For Not Being Plump Enough

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In the society that we live in, it only seldom happens that a person would walks by and is solely judged for who he is. Nope, we make several assumptions about who they are, their rank, class, body, or a title. We as a species, are so used to stereotyping people into categories that we often fail to recognise the world that is beyond such branding, one where every individual should be valued and accepted for who they are. A concept that actress Erica Fernandes shares isn’t prevalent in the South film industry as they continue to perpetuate body shaming among actresses.

Having had done numerous films in the South, in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada dialects, Erica Fernandes has been a well celebrated actress down south. However, when asked about the struggles she faced when she was starting out and trying to make big, she shared how the industry was rather unwelcoming towards her, because of her body type.

Sharing her experience Erica said, “In South, actresses are plump and I was not. There is no concept of size zero. My body structure is not like their actress and it became quite challenging sometimes.”

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And to imagine that a talented actress as herself who has given hits like Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu, Ninnindale, Virattu/ Dega, Galipatam, Buguri among many others was being rejected for not fitting into a particular body type is reflective of just how superficial the industry still is.

Beauty, at the end of the day, is subjective and every person, no matter their weight, body type, complexion is beautiful. It is time we break past these superficial and stereotypical beauty standards that want to limit attractiveness to just one definition. Erica’s success is proof of just that.

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