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Ekta Kapoor Steps Up To Provide Financial Aid To The Paparazzi. This Is So Sweet

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If there was ever a list made of the worst catastrophes that mankind has faced, coronavirus would definitely be one of them. This pandemic has infected and virtually shutdown 185 countries in the world with some of the most developed countries taking the worst of the blow. To say that this situation is frightening is an understatement. Unfortunately, until we procure a vaccine all we can do is try and look at the brighter side of things.

However, that might be getting tougher as the days pass and the numbers continue piling up. India has crossed 23,000 confirmed cases while 700 people have lost their lives. This is the direct damage that coronavirus has done, there so much more collateral. People living in dire circumstances have not met their families in weeks, thousands of people have lost their jobs and with all sorts of income stopped,  the needy don’t have enough food.

Amongst the people whose livelihood has been massively affected are paparazzi. With all the celebrities locked safely in their houses and with all the restriction on movement they obviously have no pictures to sell. However, in awful times like these Bollywood stars have stepped up to provide the paparazzi with financial aid. Yes, it’s incredibly sweet.

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It started with Hrithik Roshan then Rohit Shetty and now famed producer Ekta Kapoor who has graciously donated to the paparazzi. Popular paparazzi Viral Bhayani took to his Instagram page to thank Ekta for depositing money directly into his boys’ accounts.

He said, “While we are under crisis and jobs at stake, it’s good to see individuals like #ektakapoor coming and helping us in our difficult times. With no work and the crisis not slowing down Ekta has directly sent payment to our boys’ bank account. This was well appreciated as it has become difficult to pay salaries now.”

Ekta commented on his post saying, “We all will get out of this! When d going gets tough the tough get going! Will soon see u n ur boys on job! JAI MATA DI! Take care viral”.

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This is not the only admirable thing Ekta has done to ensure that she helps as many people as she can during this crisis. Earlier this month she took to Twitter to announce that she would be giving up her annual salary of 2.5 crores from Balaji Telefilms so that the people who work for her don’t suffer a hit.

I know it’s tough to look for a silver lining in some situations (like this one). But this entire coronavirus ordeal has just shown us that at the end of the day, we will all stand with each other. That is all the encouragement we need to fight this battle.

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