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Egyptian Woman Posing As Beggar Arrested By Police After She Was Found To Be A Millionaire And Owned 5 Buildings. What Even?

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If you’ve lived in India, it’s likely that you’ve experienced this. Where you stop at a red light, and some kids or a poor mom asks for money to feed her hungry child. I usually turn these people away, and not because I am heartless, as you may think I am but because I think it’s wiser to give them food than give them cash. I am of the school of thought that cold, hard cash could be misused, while food, that’s definitely filling a stomach. But then I read the news about this woman woman posing as a disabled beggar, but in reality being a goddamn millionaire. And now I think my entire life is a lie.

Yes, you heard that right. A 57-year-old woman from Egypt was recently arrested by the Egyptian police, after it was found that the lady was in fact a proud owner of five buildings and had over 3 million Egyptian pounds (Rs 1.4 crore) in bank accounts.

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Recognised by officials as Nafisa, the “beggar” woman would use a wheelchair to pretend to be physically challenged and get people to give her money, after appealing to their emotional and sentimental side by crying about her disability. However, there were quite a few witnesses, who claimed that they had in fact seen the woman walk on the footpath later without so much as a limp.

The Gulfnews website said, “The woman had feigned a leg amputation and used a wheelchair while begging in several provinces of the country.”  And to think a woman would pull off an elaborate ruse like this in several provinces as a ploy to make money, is almost sickening. And not to forget, absolutely disgusting because she duped people into giving her money that has her owning  five residential buildings in Gharbia and Qaliubia and with LE3 million in her two bank accounts.

This has got to be the most successful beggar we’ve come across, surpassing most of those who would’ve donated some money to her at some point. Sounding to us like a clever movie plot, the woman had a good run and obviously so, but now is finally under arrest for her crooked ways. As of now Nafisa has been referred to public prosecution for further questioning.

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