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Editor’s Pick: Poorva’s Ridiculously Eye-Catching Notebook

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Being Hauterfly’s resident graphic artist and general design enthusiast, any kind of creativity gets me going. But nothing attracts me more than a quirky product. Also, I’m a real sucker for stationery and am never without a nice notebook. I don’t just use one to strike off things on my to-do list, but also for when inspiration strikes and I need something to jot down my ideas. Also, a creative mind has to doodle when bored, no?

I’ve run out of pages in my current notebook, and was on the lookout for a cool new one when I chanced upon Kulture Shop’s super cool collection. My hunt is now finally over thanks to this ridiculously eye-catching notebook by graphic designer Shruthi Venkataraman. Totally kitsch and with elements of pop art, I love the playful design based on Indian cliches. What’s novel about this piece? Shruthi takes inspiration from the lives of desi yogis. Think about it… inspiration comes out of the ordinary, and yet the end-product is always so appealing and awesome. What it lacks in sophistication, it totally makes up for in coolness. Also, it’s definitely hard to miss!

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