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3 Easy Hacks That Will Make You Love Your Earphones Even More!

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I can very confidently say that earphones are that one thing that are better than any best friend. They are there for you when literally no one else is. Who else has the superpower to help us stay aloof and ignore people, without offending them?!

This post is dedicated to earphones, and I thank them for making my life a little bit better! Take a look at these 3 easy-peasy hacks that will make you even more possessive about your earphones!

Watch the video above if you want to try these DIYs.

DIY Earphone Holder

Jumbled up earphone sets are the worse nightmare, but we have a solution, and a quick one at that. Just take a binder clip and turn it into a holder for your headphones.


Take Easy Selfies

Taking horizontal selfies is a task, and more often than not, the pictures turn out to be a disaster. Use your earphones to take pictures in a jiffy!


Curl ’em up!

Make your earphone wire into a spiral cord for easy use. Plus, it looks amazing!

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