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Dutee Chand Wins India A Medal In 100M Dash After 20 Long Years!

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It took 20 years. 2 decades. That many years for India to finally bring home a medal in a 100m dash. And the laurels were well deserved. It was a girl who won the silver medal; Dutee Chand. The sprinter said she ‘ran with her eyes closed.’

She’s only 22 years old, and hers has been a tumultuous journey. In 2014, she was dropped from the Indian contingent of the Commonwealth Games due to the hyperandrogenism policy of the world athletics body (IAAF). She was then cleared by the Court Of Arbitration (CAS) and went on to put India on the podium. This was because the rules were recently revised, and she wasn’t under the purview of hyperandrogenism anymore. She talks of this time as ‘trying’ and ‘tough’.

The win didn’t register with Dutee immediately. In fact, till the announcement was made, she was unsure she had clinched a win.The young girl was emotional, tears streaming down her smiling face even as she took in the news of her win. Her timing clocked 11.32 seconds, a smidgen below her national record of 11.29 seconds. Her dream is to conquer the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Congrats, girl! And we wish you all the very best!


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