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Dutee Chand Travelled 70 Kms To Her Village To Provide Women With Sanitary Napkins. This Woman Is A Star

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My mother always tells me that no matter how far ahead we get in life, one must always remember where they came from and stay true to their roots. Be it by giving back to the society in times of need, or standing in solidarity with them during during distressing times, there is always some way to contribute. A little something we all can learn from the fastest sprinter of India, Dutee Chand who has recently set an example after she drove for more than 70 kms at such perilous times to distribute sanitary pads to women in her village.

She has been called the fastest woman in India, the first openly gay athlete, the pride of all Indians and all women, and now, a messiah, for in these times of need she has stepped up not just to offer support to the ones in her village.

In a tweet made by the 24 year old sprinter, Dutee wrote, “This car @anandmahindra sir is used for #Covid_19 combat & relief work. Today, I received essential groceries & sanitary from @achyuta_samanta & @dwitivikram & began distributing it in my village.@unwomenindia @KirenRijiju @sports_odisha @IndiaSports @PMOIndia @CMO_Odisha”

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Creating relief packages to be distributed to the needful in her village Chaka Gopalpur in Odisha’s Jajpur district, including essential items like groceries, including sanitary napkins, Dutee Chand has once again impressed us with her commitment to truly help out in times of a crisis. Twitterati too took notice of her efforts and lauded her for her great spirit and initiative to help as many as she can.

When asked about it, Dutee shared, “Sanitary pads are very important for the health and hygiene of women. But in villages, it is not available at the moment and women won’t talk about the shortage. Also, they can’t afford it now because no household has income and whatever money they have, they use it for food. Sanitary pads cost Rs 50 to Rs 60 per packet at least. Medical shops are also shut most of the time near my village.”

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