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Japleen Is Planning To Be More Organised In 2017 With This Cute Planner

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I think I have made it  clear to all my friends and family that if they are planning to buy me something for the new year, it has to be stationery. Even if I’m gifted a cartoon sharpener, I’ll be thrilled. Having said that, given how everyone is crying about being broke, I don’t think this is going to happen. So, I had to take matters in my own hands and find myself the perfect thing to start 2017 with. And that’s when my best friend, Meghana, helped me out. How can I combine the new year and stationery? By investing in an amazing planner. Perks? Resolve to be more organised (here comes the resolutions) and own one more pretty thing.


And I found the perfect planner at Doodle Collection. It is so cute that I basically want to eat it. With a very cool cat on the cover with words the words “My plan, my life, my rules” written across it, I am totally judging this book by its cover. The pages inside are not your standard ruled ones, but instead, have a quirky touch to them. Multicoloured, printed, and anything but run-of-the-mill, this diary is ideal for a dreamer like me! Though it may break my heart to actually scribble on it, this planner will become a must-carry essential for me, come January 1. But wait till you see the back of the book — it has tiny paw prints all over it! *aww*

With this adorable AF planner, I promise (I think) to keep my new year resolution to be more organised. And as I try to keep it intact, you guys tell me — what’s your resolution for the coming year?

SHOP NOW: Doodle Collection My Plan My Rules Planner (Rs 421)


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