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Don’t Read This If You’re Done With Women’s Day

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It’s March 9, so we can all settle back comfortably into our daily lives. Women’s Day is done, so if we aren’t going to make any permanent changes, we can stop with the empty messages of empowerment. But before we give in to the disillusionment that this might bring, allow us to tell you about stories and events around Women’s Day in India, which actually were bright, powerful and inspiring. Events that go beyond the day and those that will restore your faith, and make you believe that we are moving in the right direction. 

acid attack victims on the ramp

Acid Attack Survivors On the Ramp

These brave women who have survived acid attacks walked down the ramp at an event called ‘ExtraordiNaari’ at Thane, Mumbai. This event put them in the spotlight, and more importantly, had everyone talk about this issue, which needs urgent attention. 

air india all-women flight

An All-Women Flight

For these women, the sky is no limit. Air India operated a flight on the Kolkata-Dimapur-Kolkata sector on Sunday with an all-women cockpit and cabin crew as part of its celebration of International Women’s Day.

women in sports

Women in Sports

The Commonwealth Games announced on Women’s Day that this edition will be the most gender equal, multi-sport event ever. There will be equal number of medal events for both the genders. A small step for sports, a giant leap for women! 


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