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Doing Valentine’s Day Right When You’re Single AF!

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Being single is awesome. It is fun, free and fantastic. Not having to chain yourself to your phone, or drop in messages about your whereabouts, or even having to give any sort of explanation to anyone about why you did or did not do something. You wear what you want, go wherever you like, date whomever you like, it is like a never-ending vacation. Except for when it is February.

You may have not felt so glum had it not been for your other committed friends, making big plans for the V-day, and unlike every other day, third-wheeling just doesn’t seem like the most fun option. So what? You don’t need a beau on your sleeve to give you happiness. Here is what you need instead, when you’re single AF on Valentine’s Day.

Let Food Be Your Bae

Direct all your feelings of love towards your favourite food for the day! Take yourself out to a restaurant you’ve been eyeing for a while for some delicious adventures. Indulge in mouthwatering chocolate desserts that you have been avoiding for far too long. Let this day be about giving in!

Hang Out With Your Gang Of Girls

Valentines day is all about celebrating love, and last we checked, we harbour the greatest  love for our girlfriends! So go out together in a wolf pack, throw back some shots and celebrate being single with the best company you could ever have!

Pamper Yourself Silly

Make this day about self love. Bring out those bath salts and draw a bath. Or indulge in long and relaxing pampering sessions. Make appointments at the spa, book yourself a massage or treat yourself to a warm bath with bubbles and several glasses of bubbly!

Retail Therapy

Go all out! Swipe that card at your favourite store and bring home those pair of striped bell bottoms! Because we agree with whoever that said money can’t buy you happiness, did not know where to shop.

Netflix and Grill

Dedicate this day to the ones that have kept you company during the darkest and wee hours of the night- your favourite TV shows. Binge watch into the night, while grilling steak on that barbecue for yourself or diving deep into those packs of popcorn! Because why not?


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