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5 Easy Ways To Jazz Up Your USB To Make It A Fun Gift

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As we’ve mentioned (over and over again) the festive season is here and we need to stock up on the gifts. Apart from birthdays, this is the one time of the year we don’t mind splurging on those we love, right? You can either go on a shopping spree and loot every mall in the vicinity, or choose some great products from our customised gift guides. Another option is to make something on your own. Everyone likes a little personal touch to their gifts — it just makes the whole experience a lot more special!

There are a lot of things you can DIY for your bestie, be it a blush or this gorgeous clutch. But for someone who is tech savvy, gifting them a fun, personalised gadget would be a much better bet! Before you throw me those shocked looks, wondering how you can whip up a gadget, hear me out (or, well, read). What if I tell you that you can twerk up your usual, run-of-the-mill USB device into something that super cute and super fun? For most of us, USBs are more important than even own siblings! All hell breaks loose if we lose them. Literally. So to keep them safe and make them look so adorable that you’ll forget where you kept them, here are a few easy-peasy DIY videos to guide you. Whether you are a fashionista or a foodie, these 5 videos will resonate with each one of you!


1. Chanel Lipstick USB

Before you’ll kill me for suggesting an operation on a Chanel lipstick, this DIY can be done using just about any lipstick.


2. Chocolate USB

For those who are in a committed relationship with chocolates!


3. Food USB

Any Starbucks fans here?


4. Lego USB

To satisfy the inner child in you! Also, lego!


5. Liquid Glitter USB

A little tricky but so worth the hard work. The glitter takes the USB to a whole new level!


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