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DIY: 5 Ways To Take On The Pom-Pom Trend!

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If you have had a stroll through the stores lately, be it in malls or on the street, the one thing that stands out is pom-poms. Be it on shoes, earrings, hair accessories, and even décor (seems like the dream-catcher got a timely makeover), the splash of colour adds a fun, funky element.

I, too, have been guilty in indulging in some pom-pom action these last couple of weeks, and I admit to going a little cray-cray on that furry front. However, what you get in the market can get a little monotonous — I mean, you are going to end up spotting something similar on someone else.

So why not take this trend and give it a personal spin. DIY your way through the pom-pom fad, instead of buying it. It’s easy, quick, and pretty inexpensive, as well!

All you need is packet of fluffy pom-poms and some glue, and you can DIY the hell out of pretty much anything you want — earrings, shoes, blouses…the works.

Although Hauterfly has already given you a tutorial on how to do DIY pom-pom tie-ups, this one basically covers everything and anything you can add pom-poms to.


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