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5 DIY Gifts For The Man In Your Life

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The holiday season is right around the corner and we at the Hauterfly HQ are buzzing with happiness. Every day, each of us indulges in some retail therapy and online shopping sessions to hunt for gifts. On the one hand,┬áit is a joy to gift your loved ones something special, but on the other hand, it can be a serious hassle. A million questions crop up in your mind, will they like it? Is this their style? What if they absolutely hate it, and so on! This becomes phenomenally worse when it comes to the man in your life — whether it’s your dad, brother, best friend, or boyfriend. It is a task to find something substantial for the opposite gender. Trust me, I have landed up with a perfume bottle to almost every party that I have been to.

But this year, I decided that it’s time to show some appreciation and do something more meaningful for these special men than just buying that bottle of beer. So pick up your crafty tools and get ready to make some kickass gifts. Yes, make. These are not too hard to DIY, they’re cheap, and if they don’t like it, they will still appreciate the emotions behind it. Win-win! Plus, you can start making notes for Valentine’s day.

Scroll down for 5 easy DIY gifts that will help you make things that have a personal feel and will instantly brighten up your relationship!


1. Photo Playing Cards

Holidays or not, most guys love playing cards, every now and then. Whether it’s a weekend plan or a chill afternoon session, cards and alcohol is the perfect combo. So, it’s time to spice up ’em playing cards by giving them a personal touch. Turn the cards into photo cards by simply pasting photos on the back. It can be anything from their favourite football club to pictures of dogs, if that’s what they fancy.


2. Lip Balm

Yes, you read that right. I don’t know about you guys, but I have friends who keep asking me for the lip ‘thing’ that I put! Like guys, it is called a lip balm. And this gifting season, we are making it from scratch and giving it to you. Simple and easy, just take a pick from here and choose an essence that suits your man.


3. Bacon Bouquet

If your man is a foodie, nothing can be better. A bouquet that is made of bacon and looks like roses! Take a fake rose bouquet and remove the petals. Roll up some bacon strips to look like a rose, keep them in the oven for sometime and, with the help of toothpicks, attach to the bouquet. That’s it you are done!


4. Phone Charging Station

This is a lifesaver, literally. Now, the chargers won’t get entangled stuff in wires and your boys will loose their phones less. Make this super quick phone charging station of a lotion or shampoo bottle, and their work desks will look a lot better! All you have to do is measure your phone against the bottle and cut out the shape of the holder. Wrap it around with the fabric and colour of your choice. Oh, don’t forget to rub the surface of the bottle with sandpaper to smoothen the rough surface out.


5. Suspenders

For the trendsetter, go beyond the shirts and belts. Gift him DIY suspenders! They are in vogue and will make a boring outfit look absolutely fly. A little tricky at first, but with a bit of hard work and lots of love, it will be the best gift ever. Watch the video above for the steps.


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