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4 DIY Face Mists That Will Refresh Your Skin In Minutes!

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Face mists are really a blessing in our country, especially in a hot, humid city like Mumbai. I’ve bought a couple in the past, and they finish in no time! So for this week’s DIY, I picked a few refreshing face mists you cancreate at home! Cheap and comfy — now that’s a combination we love!

Face mists are like those on-the-go face washes you can use anywhere, anytime. Apart from clearing your face of acne and pimples, they have the super power to make you feel cleaner and fresher in no time! And, the best part is that you can make all-natural, no-chemical ones at home! Plus, it’s super fun. Trust me, you’ll get addicted to making and using them!

Scroll down and take notes on how to make 4 quick mists, that your face will fall in love with!


1. Rose Water Face Mist

Rose water in itself is amazing for the skin and putting it in a spray just makes it so much better! It has anti-inflammatory properties that works on your acne and slowly helps get rid of it.

Method: Strain rose petals overnight. Put that water in a spritz bottle. Done!


coconut water face mist_Hauterfly

Courtesy: The Dabblist

2. Coconut Water Face Mist

Coconut water is my absolute favourite beverage. Packed with nutrients, it exfoliates your skin till it glows!

Method: Take coconut water, add rose water to it (refer to the method above). Put in a little hazel essence if you like, and spray away!


lavender face mist_hauterfly

Courtesy: Erin Maree

3. Lavender Face Mist

Since lavender enhances blood circulation, it will work like magic on your skin! Just a few drops and this mist will last you months.

Method: Take distilled water and put a few drops of lavender essence oil in it. You are good to spray it on your face!


4. Green Tea Face Mist

We have gone on and on about the benefits of green tea, haven’t we? Not only does it help cleanse dirt from your body, it does that for your facial skin too.

Method: Just make some green tea and let it cool. Use this as your spray! No, really, it’s that simple — check out the video above.


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