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5 Quick Ways To DIY Coasters

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While shifting homes or renovating our spaces, we invest all our time and money on the bigger things, forgetting the little things. Things that pretty up our homes, without any effort. Coasters are one of them. We don’t really need them in our life, unless you want rings on your coffee table or table cloths *shudders*. Not only can they brighten up an otherwise boring table, but they are great company for your coffee mug, too!

Gifting season has started full swing, and these little munchkins make for great, quick, and easy presents. You can either buy them or, if you have some time (and I mean just a few minutes), then take out that craft box and get ready to make them on your own. Give them to your friends with chocolates and make their day!

Scroll down for 5 videos that will help you make the most gorgeous coasters ever – I mean, you made them, so they’ve got to be gorgeous, right?


1. Tile Coasters

Buy small blocks of tile from any tile store and you are ready to roll. Get creative and style them any way you want.


2. Clay Coasters

Reminisce about the time when playing with clay was the shizz. This DIY is so much fun that you definitely won’t be able to stop at making one.


3. Scrabble Coasters

When a few of those scrabble tokens go missing, don’t chuck out the rest. Instead, use them to make cute coasters that will make for the most adorable gift!


4. Rope Coasters

If you are bored with the usual square ones, try circular rope coasters that you can easily DIY using CDs.


5. Photo Coasters

Here’s another way to give your regular tile a makeover. This one’s the perfect way to personalise the gifts — print photos and paste!


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