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7 DIY Centerpieces To Pretty Up Your Wedding Décor!

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When I think of white weddings, the first thing that comes to my mind is a gorgeous bride in a stunning gown, walking down the aisle, with her man waiting for her with dreamy eyes. Second to that moment comes the décor. Flowers, pastel hues covering the venue, and tables decorated to look the absolute best. So it’s obvious that centerpieces become the most important element of any wedding decor, right from the day we start prepping for it. Bridesmaids get together on weekends to DIY them, while making a mess of the room but having the time of their lives. Playing with glitter, getting entangled in ropes, paint on the floor and glue everywhere, the process of making your own centerpiece just adds that extra personal touch to your big day.

So, in order to make your guests feel special and for you to have some breathtaking centerpieces, here are 7 easy ways of DIYing them. We have to make sure that people get good décor Snapchats, right?


1. Stack Them up

This centerpiece is super fun to make and will act as your party favour too! Just wrap small cardboard boxes in the paper of your choice, dress them up with ribbons but don’t forget to put little somethings in them for your guests. You can add the table number on top as well. And if you have a lot time in hand, then here is a tutorial for you to make these cute little boxes.


2. Mason Jars Are Bae

Besides looking adorable and making me want to drink everything out of them, these jars make for amazing centerpieces. Paint them, add some sparkle, or just buy ready made coloured ones, they will never disappoint. Put some flowers in or light a tea candle, to make them look even more stunning.


DIY Wedding Centerpieces_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Wedding Wire

3. Go the rope way

Recycle those old wine and milk bottles to make these gorgeous babies. Wrapping a simple jute rope and attaching a tag to it will do the trick. Another cool way would be to paint them in a light mint colour, while adding details with a gold or black marker. Pretty feels!


4. The whole world on your table

For crazy travel bugs like me, this would be perfect. Invest in jars, bottles, candle holders, anything that can make do as a centerpiece and wrap the map around it. Simple yet so meaningful!


DIY Wedding Centerpieces_Hauterfly

5. Add a touch of nature

A unique and not so popular way to decorate wedding tables is potted plants. Perks? They look fresh and oh-so-amazing. To tweak things a litte, place candles or petals around them.


DIY Wedding Centerpieces_Hauterfly


6. Bring on your origami skills

Get out your crafty tools and remember the skills you were taught in school, to make this cutesy centerpiece. Literally just hanging origami cranes from bonsai trees or other attractive branches will lift up the decor at the wedding. And if you have no idea how to create birds from paper, here is a video that will show you how.


DIY Wedding Centerpieces_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Ruffled

7. Glitter up those bulbs

Chuck those jars and opt for bulbs instead. Dip them in glitter and stack them up on the table, to make a beautiful centerpiece. Later, you can just use them to pretty up your room too!


DIY Wedding Centerpieces_Hauterfly

Courtesy: The Knot

8. For the social media lovers

A quirky idea, this one will be a hit with Instagram fans. Put aesthetic looking cages or intricate lanterns on the table, along with photo frames holding Instagram quotes. Personalise the quotes or even put in pictures, and let your creativity meet your DIY skills, to produce one epic centerpiece!


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