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Time To Re-Use And DIY Those Wine Bottles!

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There is one major similarity between Diwali and Christmas — we go all out to make our homes look pretty during both festivals! And if you are a crazy DIY lover like I am, then you sure will have a ball. In the last couple of months, we have had our share of drinks and wine, especially as gifts from others, right? Instead of throwing the bottles out, why not use them to decorate your space? You can go for the usual — like putting plants in them or wrapping them with fairy lights — simple and sorted! But, there is so much more that you can do with these beauties. To show you exactly that, take a look at these Instagram posts that will inspire you to get creative before December rolls in.

Apart from being great showpieces, they make for amazing gifts too. Use them as centrepieces at your wedding, as thank-you presents, to brighten up your work desks, or to simply add a bit of joy to your life.

You don’t really need wine bottles to pretty things up — any glass bottle will work magic as well. All you need is glue, paints, and a few other things from your stationary trunk.











Now that you’ve got a few ideas in your head, here are three quick DIY methods to help you get started — ones you can even do after going home from work today!

1. Wrap The Wool

Take wool or yarn of the colour of your choice. Dip it in glue and start wrapping it around your bottle. You can keep it at that or add a few stickers or pearls — quirk up it as you like.

2. Pretty It Up With Glitter

Though a tad messy, who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle in their life? Dip your bottle in glue and then shower glitter all of over it. Let it rest for a while and your sparkly wine bottle will be ready! If you don’t want the glitter to stick to your fingers or clothes, paint a little transparent glue over it.

3. Use Monochrome Strokes

Black and white always work magic, even on bottles. Take a thin paint brush and make any design that you like on the bottle, with either of the two colours. Now just put fairy lights or a small yellow light inside the bottle. Turn off all other lights and your design will come alive. You can paint quotes or your name on it too — anything that suits your style. The effect will be beautiful, every time.

And if you want some more help, check out this quick video on 3 ways that you can DIY a wine bottle. Easy peasy, right? How about you send us videos of your DIY-ed bottles!


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